WEEE Regulations

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Namesco Limited complies with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 ("WEEE Regulations").

In compliance with the WEEE Regulations, Namesco offers a free takeback service on like for like sales of household waste electrical and electronic equipment ("WEEE"). Customers may choose to either:

  1. Return their WEEE to us at Technical Support Team, Namesco Limited, Acton House, Perdiswell Park, Worcester, WR3 7GD along with evidence of the associated postage costs and proof of purchase of the equivalent item bought through us, upon receipt of which Namesco will refund the cost of the postage; or
  2. Contact us with the details of their new purchase and Namesco will send you a pre-paid envelope for you to return your WEEE to us.

Namesco will then arrange for the onwards disposal of the WEEE in compliance with the WEEE Regulations. For further information on how to arrange for the collection of your household WEEE please contact us.

Please note that Namesco has no obligation to take back WEEE from non-household users. Non-household users should contact us for further information on the disposal of their WEEE.