Online Harms Reporting

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  1. Namesco Limited (“”) (including its subsidiaries) adheres to the measures set out in the EU Regulation no. 2022/2065 – Digital Services Act ("DSA"). Users are responsible for the content they upload, share, or otherwise make available on our services. Any content that violates the DSA, other applicable law or our Terms & Conditions may be subject to removal, and users may be subject to account suspension or termination on’s initiative.
  2. We will cooperate with relevant authorities as required by the relevant regulation and DSA, including providing information (including personal data) and assistance in investigations. The single point of contact will be reachable, at the following email address: (the “Abuse Email”).
  3. If any person or entity is aware of the presence of specific items of information and/or content on service that individual or entity considers to be illegal content, the individual or entity may contact at the Abuse Email and send a report (the “Report”) that meets all the requirements below:
    1. a sufficiently substantiated explanation of the reasons why the individual or entity alleges the information in question to be illegal content; and
    2. a clear indication of the exact electronic location of that information, such as the exact URL or URLs, and, where necessary, additional information enabling the identification of the illegal content adapted to the type of content and to the specific type of hosting service; and
    3. the name and email address of the individual or entity submitting the notice, except in the case of information considered to involve one of the offences referred to in Articles 3 to 7 of Directive 2011/93/EU; and
    4. a statement confirming the genuine belief of the individual or entity submitting the notice that the information is accurate and complete.
  4. Once receives a report, it will send a confirmation receipt to the individual or entity without undue delay. Where a Report meets the above requirements, will notify that person or entity of its decision, providing a “statement of reason.” is not required to undertake a detailed legal examination of the facts in the Report but must carry out a review at the level expected of a diligent hosting provider.
  5. If the individual or entity does not agree with’s decision, they may contact once again, at the Abuse Email, setting out the reasons they do not agree with the decision. will examine the request and communicate the final decision to the individual or entity. Notwithstanding the above process, the individual or entity may also report the allegedly illegal content or activity to public authorities in order to defend its rights.
  6. To enhance transparency and in compliance with the DSA, may publish reports outlining its content moderation practices, including the number and nature of content removals and user accounts suspended or terminated.
  7.’s representative regarding the DSA is Hannah Bushell, General Counsel UK & IE.