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How it works...

  • Website analysis

    1. Website analysis

    rankingCoach analyses your website and creates a tailored SEO plan with clearly defined tasks for you to follow.

  • Get to work

    2. Get to work

    To boost your website, simply complete the outlined tasks. Tick them off, one by one, and watch as your rankings improve steadily over time.

  • Keep going

    3. Don't stop

    SEO is a slow and ongoing process. With rankingCoach, you can continue to monitor progress, complete new tasks and push your site all the way to the top!

All packages include

Keyword tool

Discover which search terms are used to find businesses like yours and select the best keywords for your site from the suggested list. The keyword list is colour-coded to show the most competitive words to rank for so choosing your top priority terms is simple.

Keyword tool
Video tutorials

Video tutorials

Learning how to enhance your website may seem scary but you’ll soon see how easy it is with over 1000 video tutorials for support.

Monitoring tools

View daily ranking reports and weekly overviews to measure your progress and monitor your competitors. You can also connect your Google Analytics account for a more detailed analysis of your website’s traffic.

Monitoring tools
Location targeting

Location targeting

Whether your business is local or international, online or bricks and mortar - simply input specific areas for the most relevant SEO tasks for your business.

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Customised action plan

A task list is created based on your website. It includes on-page and off-page SEO tasks relating to your content, social media platforms and local SEO directories. Each time you complete a task, rankingCoach will check it and report any new feedback.

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Flexible settings

Nothing is set in stone - you can change, remove or add new keywords and competitors any time you like. You can even scrap everything and start all over again. Fresh reports and task lists will be generated every time you make a change.

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Links & social media

Link building is an important off-page SEO task. Check your main competitors backlinks to discover where there are potential opportunities for you. Plus, learn how to use and optimise social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

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CMS compatible

rankingCoach integrates seamlessly with all major CMSs. All guides and videos are tailored to your individual system.

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Frequently asked questions about our SEO tool

  • What is rankingCoach?

    rankingCoach is a web-based SEO software. It creates a customised SEO strategy for your business based on your website, search terms and the industry your business is in. It shows you exactly how to make the most of your website and guides you through each SEO task, step-by-step, with straightforward instructions.

  • What is SEO?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the practice of improving the ranking of your website or web page in search engine results. With better visibility, you can increase the number and the quality of the visitors you receive.

  • How does the 14 day FREE trial work?

    Simply sign up and test drive rankingCoach to see how visible your website is to search engines and find out how to improve your ranking. Explore all the features, start some of the tasks on your SEO action plan and see for yourself how easy it is to make your website much better!

    You can cancel your subscription any time from your Online Control Panel or continue improving your site when your trial ends.

  • Do I need to be tech-savvy to improve my website?

    No - rankingCoach is perfect for beginners and small businesses who have never tried any SEO before. The tailor-made action plan creates easy-to-follow tasks and with over 1000 video tutorials, you always have clear instructions to guide you.

  • Do I have to do all the tasks listed?

    Yes, we recommend completing every task if you want to get the most out of your website. Some tasks are more important than others but each one helps boost your website and gets your SEO on point.

  • Is there a time limit to carry out my tasks ?

    No, that’s the beauty of rankingCoach - you work at your own pace. You can see how much time each task is likely to take and plan it around your own schedule.

  • How long does it take to optimise my website?

    It depends how quickly you work through your task list – go at a pace that suits you.

  • What happens when I’ve completed all my tasks?

    Once you complete all your tasks you can start to measure your results and rankings. Using the monitoring tools, you can regularly check your site’s online visibility and see which areas may need more work. You can also adjust your SEO strategy if your most important keywords change or you want to focus on new ones.

  • How quickly can I get to the top of Google?

    SEO is a slow, ongoing process so it can take some time before any results are visible. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee your website will get to the top of Google but by enhancing your pages, your business will have the best chance.

    As well as optimising your site, you can make Google happy by always serving high-quality, easy accessible and secure content.

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