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  • Work from anywhere

    Work from anywhere

    Access full versions of Office products from all your devices.

  • Keep your files safe

    Keep your files safe

    With 1TB of cloud storage, your files are safe and secure and all in one place.

  • Stay up to date

    Stay up to date

    Automatic Office app updates - no effort required.

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Business Tools
Office Online Apps Office Online Apps. Web versions of all Microsoft Office Apps enabling you to access Office documents from any device with an internet connection. More InfoWord Excel PowerPoint OneNoteWord Excel PowerPoint OneNote
Office Desktop Apps Office Desktop Apps The full suite of Microsoft Desktop Tools, downloadable on up to 5 devices per user. No need for an Internet connection. (Access and Publisher for PC only) More InfoNoWord Excel PowerPoint OneNote Publisher Outlook Access
Office iPad Apps Office iPad Apps Versions of Office Apps specifically designed for iPads; get the ultimate user experience and work on the move. More InfoNoWord Excel PowerPoint Outlook OneNote
Office Mobile Apps Office Mobile Apps Versions of Office Apps specifically designed for mobiles; get the ultimate user experience and work on the move. More InfoWord Excel PowerPoint Outlook OneNoteWord Excel PowerPoint Outlook OneNote
Services included Services included All the tools you need to chat, meet, share and collaborate in one place, no matter where you and your team are.Microsoft Exchange Microsoft OneDrive Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Exchange Microsoft OneDrive Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft Teams
Microsoft MyAnalytics Microsoft MyAnalytics Explore your work patterns and learn ways to work smarter with productivity insights.YesYes
SharePoint SharePoint Manage files in one central cloud location where all team members can work simultaneously and collaboratively on projects, no matter their location. More InfoYesYes
OneDrive Storage OneDrive Storage A huge 1TB of super-secure cloud storage, per user. More Info1TB1TB
Email & Calendar
Exchange Email Exchange Email Business-class email service using Microsoft Outlook email client, which includes your professional email address: More InfoYesYes
Email storage Email Storage Masses of email storage - 50GB per user – and loads of features to keep your mailbox organised and professional. More Info50GB50GB
Email Archive50GB50GB
Shared Calendars,
Tasks & Contacts
Shared Calendars, Tasks & Contacts Schedule meetings, plan tasks, record contact details, as well as share your calendar internally and externally, using Microsoft Outlook. More Info

Need more?

If you need a little more from your Office 365 package, our specialist team are here and ready to help. We can create a bespoke package to suit your needs. Anything goes - we can add multiple users, extra OneDrive storage, audio conferencing and much more.

Whatever you need, simply give us a call and we’ll talk through your options.

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All packages include


Office web apps at your fingertips

Access familiar Office tools like Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint from anywhere, on any device – all you need is an Internet connection. Find out more.

Secure storage online

Stop worrying about storage space – with Office 365 you get a massive 1TB of Cloud storage. That’s enough space for thousands of documents, millions of images and hours of video. Plus, everything is kept completely secure in the cloud. Find out more.

Web apps at your fingertips

Professional email on the go

Make a powerful first impression – match your email address to your website name - Plus you can send and receive emails or share your calendar and contacts, even when you’re on the move. Find out more.

HD video conferencing & instant messages

Work together, even when apart with Skype for Business - multi-party HD video conferencing, instant messaging, screen sharing and PC-to-PC calls. Find out more.

Real-time collaboration

Create, edit and share your Office documents with secure SharePoint storage. Choose who can view and edit your files, share internally or externally and collaborate in real-time. Find out more.

Low monthly payments

Get all the benefits of enterprise-grade business applications, tools and email at an affordable, monthly fee. Want to add more users? No problem. Prefer to pay annually? That’s fine too! View pricing options or call us today.

The latest Office tools

Whenever Microsoft release new editions of Office, your tool will get automatically updated. Enjoy the latest versions, all the time.

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We’ve got you covered…

With FREE supported set up – Sit back and let our team take care of everything for you. Our experts will validate your domain name and configure its DNS records so you can simply start using Office 365 and all its features right away.

Extra features with Office Premium

Touch friendly
iPad apps

Get touch-friendly versions of your favourite Office tools with Office iPad. Create, share and edit documents without losing any formatting.

Complete suite
of desktop tools

Work offline and sync with your web apps later with Office Desktop. Plus, with just one licence, you can install Office tools on up to five devices.

Mobile Office

Yes…you can actually carry your office in your pocket! Unlock all the Office apps and get full functionality on your smartphone using Office Mobile.

Only the best for your business

Create, communicate and collaborate with these popular Microsoft Office tools.


Microsoft Word

  • View, edit and create professional documents
  • Built-in spelling and grammar tools
  • Extensive font, layout, style and formatting functions

Microsoft Excel

  • Build, view and edit spreadsheets or workbooks
  • Organise and analyse data easily
  • Display data in graphs and charts for quick access

Microsoft Powerpoint

  • Create, view and edit engaging presentations
  • Choice of professionally designed templates
  • Control slides with the click of a button
One Note

Microsoft OneNote

  • Type, write or draw your notes in one central place
  • Capture thoughts, ideas and to-dos while on the move
  • Share notes with colleagues for their input

Microsoft Publisher

  • Design marketing materials, newsletters and cards
  • Professional-looking format options for text, images and shapes
  • Personalisation options using mail merge tools

Microsoft Outlook

  • Integrated view of your email, calendar, contacts and tasks
  • Powerful inbox features to manage your emails effectively
  • Schedule meetings and respond to invitations easily

Why choose Office 365?

Put simply, Office 365 lets you run your business – whatever its size or type - from anywhere, at any time.

It brings together the latest Microsoft tools including Office Online, Mobile apps, Exchange Email, SharePoint and Skype for Business in one subscription-based package so you can securely access, edit, share, discuss, store and sync all your office files in real-time.

What's more, all Office applications auto-upgrade every time Microsoft releases a new version so no more expensive lump-sum costs or manual installations for you!

Set your business free and take your office online today!

Making office life easier

  • Enjoy easy and flexible access to your new, portable office
  • Keep team members, partners and clients in sync
  • Increase productivity with familiar, compatible Microsoft Office Apps
  • Minimum installation and connection across all users and devices
  • Reduce costs and dependence on IT skill sets
  • Stay up to date, all the time with the latest Office Apps
tablet calendar

The best protection for your data

Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection provides enhanced data protection at all times.

If you handle particularly sensitive information, add Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection to your Office 365 plan to help secure data that you share outside of your organisation. Classify, label and protect files based on their sensitivity and they’ll remain protected regardless of where or to whom they're sent.

Talk through your requirements with our knowledgeable team on

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Frequently asked questions about Office 365

  • What is Office 365?

    Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription based plan that gives you access to Office applications and services online. It brings familiar Microsoft programmes such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint together with file sharing and collaboration tools, online video conferencing and instant messaging capabilities and OneDrive secure online storage. All well-known desktop programmes have been reimagined for online use on any device, ensuring there is no loss of formatting.

  • What is the difference between Office Online and Office Premium?

    With Office Premium you get all the Office tools you get with Office Online but you also get Desktop Apps, iPad Apps and Mobile Apps. This means subscribers to the Premium package can have all the Office Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher and Outlook) downloaded onto their PC or Mac or mobile devices and will be able to work offline without a problem. Office Premium also gives you versions of Office Apps that are specifically designed for use on iPads and mobiles giving the ultimate Office 365 user experience.

  • What is the Cloud?

    The term 'Cloud' describes a computer setup where everything is based online, instead of being stored locally on your server or your premises. The Cloud infrastructure is hosted by a third party and is very dependable as multiple servers, or computer nodes, share the workload.

    In the case of Cloud Storage, items are stored across multiple computer nodes so if one fails, there are enough remaining to pick up the extra load. This means the user will never experience any downtime or loss of performance.

    With Cloud you can access your files from anywhere, on any device via the Internet and even if you lose your device, you will never lose your files. Many services you use every day are cloud-based, including web-based email and online banking.

  • Do you need the Internet to use Office 365?

    Yes, you need an Internet connection to install and activate Office 365 packages and use all Cloud-based services such as Exchange Email, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive and Office Online Apps. If you’d prefer to work offline, our Office Premium package contains the desktop version of Office applications so once installed on your PC or Mac, you still have full access.

    Once connected to the Internet your files can automatically sync with your OneDrive Cloud storage to ensure a) they are backed up and b) up-to-date. You’ll also have access to the latest versions of your tools and apps at all times when online.

  • Who can help me set up Office 365?

    We provide a free service called 'Supported Setup'. Our team of specialists will validate your domain name and configure your DNS (Domain Name System) records to ensure you can make full use of all your Office 365 product features.

    If you are familiar with DNS records and wish to set up your Office 365 subscription manually, or if you wish to change anything after set up, you should follow the 'Manual Setup’ process within your Online Control Panel.

  • Do I need a domain name to use Office 365?

    Yes, your Office 365 product is linked to a domain and this link is verified during your Office 365 setup. All of your Office 365 services will be associated to your domain name including your email address i.e.

  • What happens if I already have a domain name?

    If your domain is registered with us, simply enter it in the cart when you buy Office 365. Our team will take care of setting up your subscription and will let you know when you can start using your Office 365 plan.

    If your domain is registered to another provider, you will need to enter it in the shopping cart and once you have completed your purchase you will receive an email directing you to your Online Control Panel. Once there, you can complete 'Manual Setup’ of your Office 365 subscription.

  • Can I use Office 365 with Windows Vista or Windows XP?

    Office Premium supports Windows Vista and Windows XP for most of the web-based functionality. However, it does not support the downloading and usage of the latest Office software and you can’t substitute Office 2010 for the newest version.

    You can connect your existing Office 2010 or Office 2007 software to your Office 365 service, but if you are using Windows Vista or Windows XP, you won’t be able to install Office Premium software. It’s not possible to replace Office Premium software with a download of Office 2010.

  • I already have a website; can I still use Office 365?

    Yes, you can use Office 365 on the same domain name as your current website. If your domain name is registered with us, we (or you) can set up your Office 365 subscription on this domain by changing your DNS records accordingly.

    If your domain name is registered with another provider, you will need to change your DNS records with that provider. Instructions on how to do this can be found in your Online Control Panel on your Access Office 365 page.

  • I already have email with my web hosting plan, what happens to this if I use Exchange Email?

    If you already have email set up with any of our products we won’t automatically switch your email when you purchase Office 365 (Exchange Email, Office Online and Office Premium packages).

    There is an option to switch your email to Exchange Email within your Online Control Panel. When you switch, new emails will start arriving into your Exchange Email inbox, and will stop being received by your previous email service. All old email messages will remain within your previous email inbox. If you want to migrate your old emails to your new inbox, raise a support enquiry and a member of our team will be happy to talk you through the process or our team can do all the hard work for you for a small fee.

  • I can’t see all the Office programmes when I go to the Office installation page, why?

    There are two reasons why this may be the case. Firstly, the programmes available to install differ on each Office 365 package. Secondly, it depends whether you are installing on a PC or a Mac.

    Office installation on a PC includes: Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, Access and Outlook.

    Office installation on a Mac includes: Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook. Also for a Mac, you can download OneNote from the Mac App Store for free.

  • What is Azure Information Protection?

    Azure Information Protection (AIP) is a security application that runs alongside Office365. AIP allows you to have more control over your data, by understanding who has access and controlling what they’re doing with it. Plus, you are able to protect and encrypt emails to ensure the safety and privacy of your emails and documents.

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