Sustainable business

Change for our planet,
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Sustainable business

As a growing business, we’ve always been conscious of the impact our operations have on the environment. We’ve long held the ambition to become completely net zero and our focus is on our people, the planet and the future.

As a brand, sustainability is one of our guiding principles. It permeates every aspect of our business and we’re really pleased that our employees are 100% committed to this goal too.

By integrating environmentally-friendly practices into our daily operations, we strive to make a positive impact and contribute to a greener future.

Our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint not only reflects our responsibility as a company but also serves as an inspiration for others to adopt sustainable practices. Together, we can create a more sustainable world for generations to come.

Chirag PatelChirag Patel Chief Technology Officer, UK
  • Carbon offsetting

    Carbon offsetting

    We fund tree planting schemes around the world to offset any carbon emissions

  • Green Data Centres

    Green Data Centres

    We’ve switched to 100% renewable power in our datacentre

  • Green Thinking

    Green Thinking

    We make every effort to recycle materials and reduce waste

Our sustainability journey so far

Green datacentres

Green datacentres

We are so proud to be able to say our datacentres are now 100% powered by renewable energy. We achieved this goal by partnering with the energy provider SSE to ensure the electricity powering our servers, is entirely produced by renewable sources, such as wind and solar farms.

Gree Web Foundation

Green Web Foundation

We are verified as a green hosting provider by the Green Web Foundation, an independent non-profit organisation who track how much of the internet runs on renewable energy. They provide a handy Green Web Check function on their website that allows you to check how sustainable any business is. If you have one of our Green Web Hosting packages, your business can claim a badge to display on your own website to prove your site is hosted by 100% renewable energy using the Green Web Checker.

Climate Projects

Climate projects

As part of, an ecosystem of 40+ successful brands, we’ve teamed up with climate action group Ecologi to fund tree planting and reforestation schemes all around the world. These carbon offset projects are high-impact solutions which will be vital to solving the problem of climate change.

Recycle & Re-use

Recycle & re-use

We have implemented comprehensive recycling practices to cover all areas of our business. From paper to plastics and beyond, we make every effort to recycle materials and reduce waste. Office technology like mobile phones and laptops are reused or repurposed for community projects, wherever possible.

Community Projects

Community projects

We donate older IT equipment such as laptops and monitors to local schools. This ensures they go to a good home and help the community, rather than just being sent to a landfill site.

Cycle-to-work Scheme

Cycle-to-work scheme

To help reduce the carbon footprint of our employees as they commute to and from work, we’ve set up a cycle-to-work scheme for our staff. To help employees to purchase a bike, we have a salary sacrifice system in place and we’ve installed secure bike racks outside of our offices to facilitate our cyclists.

Electric Company Vehicles

Electric company vehicles

We made the decision to switch all company vehicles to fully electric models a number of years ago. To support this, and encourage electric vehicle use, we also installed charging stations outside our offices.