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Price change – 29th March 2018

As of 29th March 2018 the below products will renew at the following prices:

Basic Email12£16.41
Biz Mail1£10.94
Biz Mail12£109.49
Biz Mail24£207.84
Corporate Email12£109.49
Econo Mail1£2.18
Econo Mail12£21.79
Econo Mail24£41.40
Exchange Email - 8 User1£52.72
Exchange Email - 8 User12£527.20
Exchange Email - 7 User1£46.13
Exchange Email - 7 User12£461.30
Exchange Email - 6 User12£395.40
Exchange Email - 5 User1£32.95
Exchange Email - 5 User12£329.50
Exchange Email - 4 User1£26.36
Exchange Email - 4 User12£263.60
Exchange Email - 3 User1£19.77
Exchange Email - 3 User12£197.70
Exchange Email - 2 User1£13.18
Exchange Email - 2 User12£131.80
Exchange Email - 1 User1£6.59
Exchange Email - 1 User12£65.90
Family Mail1£3.56
Family Mail12£35.59
Family Mail24£67.62
Personal Email12£8.20
Premium Mail1£8.20
Premium Mail12£82.02
Premium Mail24£164.03
Professional Mail1£3.56
Professional Mail12£35.59
Professional Mail24£67.62
Starter Mail1£2.18
Starter Mail12£21.79
Starter Mail24£41.40
StartUp Email12£32.84
SOHO Mail1£7.11
SOHO Mail12£71.07
SOHO Mail24£135.02
Starter Host1£5.99
Starter Host12£59.90
Starter Host24£113.81
Starter Hosting1£5.99
Starter Hosting12£59.90
Starter Hosting24£113.81
Windows Starter Hosting1£5.99
Windows Starter Hosting12£59.90
Windows Starter Hosting24£113.81