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  • Why do I need a

    Having a registered trademark is important for business development, it helps protect and enhance your brand and safeguard its future.

    It also gives you the legal right to use that name for specified goods and services in the territory where it is registered.

    Without it, it can be difficult and costly to prove you are the rightful owner of a name.

  • Trademark

    • Take legal action against someone who uses your brand without your permission
    • Use the official trademark symbol beside your brand name
    • Take advantage of brand protection options via Trademark Clearinghouse
    • Sell and license your brand
    • Increase domain registration options for extensions that have ownership restrictions

How does it work?

Our team has partnered with industry-leading intellectual property attorneys Wynne-Jones IP, to deliver a straightforward, streamlined trademark registration service for UK and EU trademarks.

Get in touch and we’ll take you through an initial Trademark Registration assessment to determine the level of service required. Then we’ll hand you over to the trusted trademark specialists to ensure you get full support and advice directly from the experts.

Trademark Registration FAQs

My company name is already registered, why do I need to register a trademark?

Trademarks form part of your brand protection strategy. No matter how much time and money is invested in your business, without a trademark for relevant goods and classes, someone else could use your name. The value of your business increases when you own intellectual property.

When should I consider registering a trademark?

As soon as the naming process begins so it is built into your business plan.

In what territory do I need to register my trademark?

Your trademark should be registered to the territory relevant to your business. If you are only selling in the UK, you will need a UK trademark.

Can I register my trademarks in other territories?

Yes, just get in touch and we can advise on the process and price.

Do I need to register my trademark in multiple classes of goods and service?

If your business is relevant to multiple classes then you should protect your name further by registering it for more than one class.

What can I do if I think my rights are infringed?

Consult with a Trademark Attorney, such as our partners, Wynne-Jones IP.

How long does the process take?

Once your trademark application is filed, allow 3-4 weeks for examination and your trademark will be published after a further 1-2 weeks. It will then be placed into a 2-month opposition period. You should allow approximately 6 months for your trademark to be fully registered.

How long does my trademark last?

A successful trademark application will usually last for ten years.

Meet our Partners

With over 50 years experience in the industry, Wynne-Jones IP is a well-respected intellectual property firm specialising in copyright, patents, trade marks and designs. Their client base includes brand owners, SMEs, academic institutes and multinational organisations. Our team works with their dedicated trade mark team to ensure your brands are fully protected.

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Focusing on growth and establishing a global presence, the team behind Simba quickly realised that managing an international domain name portfolio was an increasingly complex, time-consuming challenge that couldn't be treated as a secondary priority. helped us determine our domain acquisition strategy, consolidate and secure our domain portfolio, and they handle the renewals and updates as required - so we don’t have to worry about it!


A few years ago, we consolidated our domain name portfolio of 400+ domains after losing a few to the manual renewal process at one of our registrars. They say don't put all your eggs in one basket, but when it comes to domain names it actually makes more sense to. The 'basket' we chose was a managed account with and we've never looked back.

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We regularly need new domain registrations including DNS set up so it's great to have a team to rely on for help. From the outset they executed a smooth transfer-in plan and are always happy to give relevant guidance on brand protection and new gTLD releases whenever we need it, at no extra cost. The overall service gives us peace of mind, and it doesn't break the bank!


Knowing our domains are protected and under one roof means we can focus on other areas of our business. Nothing is too much trouble for our Account Manager, she works through every step with us and explains and advises along the way. For any business looking to consolidate and manage domain names effectively,'s domain management service is a must.

Alamy have given us complete peace of mind when handling our domain portfolio. They provide brand auditing, suggest brand protection coverage that is relevant to our industry, and advise us on placing our trademarks into the Trademark Clearinghouse when necessary. Their friendly Account Managers support us whilst our business grows. Their service comes highly recommended.


To improve our clients experience, we decided to migrate our domains to's Domain Name Management team. Whether it is to discuss changing a website's time to live level to improve its update response time, discuss the complexities of sender policy framework or how to protect our brand from copycat sites and domains, they always give excellent advice and service.