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Let us shield your personal data

Domain Proxy
Domain Proxy shield

When you register a domain name, you are contractually required to enter 'Registrant Details' including personal data such as your name, address, email and phone number.

Ordinarily, this data is then sent to the relevant registry for your chosen domain in accordance with the Registry requirements.

For, .uk,, or domains the registry is Nominet. If your chosen domain name is a .com or .net, your data will be sent to our own registrar, escrowed, in line with ICANN regulations and when required, the registry, Verisign. Third parties that can show they have "legitimate interest" can then access your personal data from the registries directly.

Let us protect your personal details…

For £4.99 per year - less than 10p a week - we'll send our contact details to the domain registry, rather than yours, giving you anonymity and privacy.

Don't fret, you'll still be the owner of the domain, it'll just mean your details aren't sent outside of our organisation, where they could be obtained.

Domain Proxy shield
Domain Proxy shield

So what does that mean in practice?

You keep a lid on your personal data and limit where it’s being sent, upping your personal data security and minimising exposure of your data.

What we will do?

Domain Proxy shield

Place our details against your domain name when sending details of the registration to the registry.

Domain Proxy shield

Manage correspondence relating to your domain – email and postal – forwarding anything needing your attention to you.

Domain Proxy shield

Configure your account so you still have full control over your domains names via your Online Control Panel.

Domain Proxy shield

Filter out any spam or scam emails so they don’t clutter your inbox.

Domain Proxy shield

Handle any requests from third parties to access your details. Only in very rare cases, usually when illegal activity is suspected by a law enforcement agency, would we be obliged to hand over your details.

Our Domain Proxy service gives you:

  • Protection from prying eyes
  • Anonymity around your online activity
  • Reduced exposure of your data
  • Managed and filtered email notifications
  • Managed postal notifications

How to register your domain with us as your proxy

New Domain Registrations - ONLY

If you want our Domain Proxy service, be sure to select it during the checkout process and authorise us as your proxy. We’ll then take care of everything behind the scenes so your details are protected.

If you don’t select Domain Proxy at the point of purchase, it can’t be added afterwards; once your personal data has been sent to the relevant registry, we are unable to retrieve it. Also, remember our proxy service only applies to selected extensions: .com, .net,, .uk,, or

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