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99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

Our Reseller Web Hosting platform is faster, stronger and ultimately more intelligent. We're not 100% perfect, but our uptime comes as close as you can get. We know that website downtime can be costly no matter what business you are in. That's why we continually strengthen our Linux web hosting to ensure an uninterrupted level of service.

The combination of a strong network and infrastructure, clustered array of servers, enhanced load balancers and years of expertise provide a stable home for your website and your customers' sites.

Intelligent SSD Storage

Our Reseller Web Hosting platform learns what your customers need and automatically adapts to serve websites at lightning speed.

NetApp tiered storage operates SATA and SSD hard drives side by side, working together seamlessly to give optimum results for the end user.

Your most frequently accessed data is promoted to SSD (Solid State Drive) storage, built for speed, to ensure your customers get to see what they really want even quicker.

Powerful Load Balancers

Our load balancers allow us to grow our platform and handle maintenance without interruption to you.

We’ve upgraded our load balancers to F5 Viprions, with hardware acceleration making them massively more powerful and able to handle millions of simultaneous requests.

How our Cloud Platform works

Rather than host your websites on a single server, we use multiple servers in a cluster so that if one server goes down, there are plenty of other servers to take over. This means there is no loss of service and performance won't be affected.

Should performance peak, you can draw on powerful resources to keep your site online. The extra servers will balance the load so that your website's performance won't be affected. Of course, we ask you to work within our fair usage policy, but our Cloud platform offers you the flexibility to grow.

Within our cluster, we only use premium grade Dell hardware and top of the range components to maintain the best service to our customers.

Our Data Centre & Infrastructure

We purpose built our own UK data centre to create a highly redundant, secure environment to house our servers in, with our own team of experts monitoring them around the clock to ensure optimum performance.

We don't rely on third parties for support or second tier networks for connectivity. We also own our own IP Transit and peer with multiple partners, so that we can deliver fast, dependable online services to all our customers.

Security & updates

Our in-house developers and system administrators work hard to ensure our Cloud platform is updated with the very latest security patches, as well as hardware and software enhancements.

They also manage our 1-Click Installs, making sure you have the latest web apps such as WordPress and Joomla available in your rebrandable Online Control Panel.

You can use PHP 7, or any other version of PHP in any directory under your domain root by using one simple htaccess configuration directive. This flexibility allows you to use some directories for compatibility testing prior to upgrading your main site to the latest version, or just run different versions for applications that have differing requirements.

Managing your Reseller Web Hosting

Managing your hosting and your customers' accounts couldn't be easier.

Your hosting, email, domain names and other services can all be accessed and managed from your secure Online Control Panel.

We make sure everything runs smoothly and your website is online at all times.

Grow your business on our Cloud

Our Cloud hosting platform lets your business grow without time-consuming interruptions if you need to upgrade.

If you outgrow your current hosting package, there's no complicated data migration to a new package or provider. Simply tell us what you need and we can quickly advise and get the right level of resources to you.

We also have a range of powerful VPS and Dedicated Servers should you need to take that next step in hosting.

* Get a FREE .uk, .co.uk, .me.uk or .org.uk domain name registered for 1 year with any of our Web Hosting plans This offer is limited to 2 uses per account. Also get free SSL certificate with monthly & annual Enthusiast, Pro and Pro XL Web Hosting packages. This offer does not apply to renewals or transfers, and is available for online transactions only. This offer is for the first billing period only, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of Namesco Limited.