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You have your domains; your website and emails are running perfectly – amazing! All you need to do is keep them up and running, but sometimes, renewal notifications can slip through the net. We’re looking into your options, so you won’t need to worry about missing a renewal notice again.

Forgetting to renew a domain name seems like an easily avoidable mistake, but it happens more often than you think. There may be several reasons why a domain registration lapses, with the top reason being human error.

Remember that time Microsoft failed to renew their domain, hotmail.co.uk in 2003? Despite being told that the domain name was up for renewal, Microsoft overlooked this vital piece of information and thousands of people lost access to their emails – CHAOS! Luckily, a good-hearted individual snapped up the domain and contacted Microsoft straight away.

It’s important for businesses to understand the impacts of allowing a domain name to expire and what damage this could do to their business. Every business can learn from the mistakes of others and there are steps that you can take, to avoid being in the same position:

Keep your domains together

It’s much easier to manage your domain name registrations if you can see them all in one central place, with one provider, than to scramble around trying to remember where your domains are.

Keep your contact details up-to-date

Always make sure that your provider has your most recent contact details. Names.co.uk will email and text you at points leading up to the renewal of your domain name or any other service, to avoid a missed renewal. Plus, it’s really easy to update your details or manage your communication preferences.

Set up automatic renewals

We offer individuals and businesses the option of setting auto-renewals on your domain names, giving you peace of mind that your domain names are safe.

Check your spam/junk files

If you have your spam filters set high, you may miss domain name renewal notifications. Always check your spam/junk folders, to make sure any renewal notices haven’t slipped through the net.

Keep your payment details up-to-date

Making sure that your payment details are up-to-date means that the auto-renewals can be processed without any issues.

Have you ever experienced one of the following?

  • A missed renewal
  • A suspended domain
  • Domains registered to an ex-employee
  • DNS outage

Problems like these can cause harm to your reputation and be expensive to put right and with a bit of forward planning, you won’t find yourself in a terrible situation, like these.

Never experience pain again…

Whether you’re an international business or a smaller business who want more control over their domain names, we can help. Our tailored Domain Name Management service is the perfect solution, whatever your size or needs.

What’s in it for you?

Account Management

Each of our Domain Name Management customers is offered expert support from a dedicated Account Manager, to give peace of mind whatever the situation.

Managed Renewals

With managed renewals, you can put your mind at ease and relax as you’ll no longer receive renewal reminders – we’ll take care of these for you.

Portfolio Consolidation

Juggling the management of a wide-spread domain portfolio can be exhausting. We’ll work with your existing providers to transfer your domains to one place, safely and securely, so you can continue running your business.

Domain Registration

No domain name is beyond our reach. Whether it’s international domain extensions, new gTLDs or niche domains, we’ll work through any requirements or restrictions to make registrations easier for you.

We make our Domain Name Management service straightforward – the service we provide is flexible and completely tailored to each client, every time.

Why choose us?

Time is precious and often, we see that businesses don’t have the resources available to maintain their domain portfolios, investigate possible brand infringements, or safeguard DNS. That’s where our Online Brand Protection team can help. As part of international group Dada, we are ICANN accredited. We protect brands for a wide range of clients across Europe from leading financial institutions to premium fashion and global lifestyle brands.

Don’t just take our word for it… check out what our customers say!

The Online Brand Protection team offer a range of services, including Domain Acquisitions. Check out the full range of our services and discover what we can do for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small local business or a multi-million-pound global company, your domain is the key to your online empire – don’t put it at risk!

To discuss your needs and the ways in which we can help, call us on 0345 363 6173 or email us at obp@names.co.uk.