In our Working towards a greener future blog post we talked about the exciting achievements we had accomplished so far on our carbon neutral journey. Now that we’re further along on that journey we thought we’d share an update on… Continue Reading →

Do I need unlimited storage for my website?

There seems to be a perception sometimes that for a website to reach its full potential it shouldn’t be hampered by any storage restrictions.   Whilst it’s true that there should be sufficient space for future growth, having unlimited storage is… Continue Reading →

Is your website ready for Black Friday?

We’re fast approaching that time of year loved by retailers up and down the country. 25th November is Black Friday, swiftly followed by Cyber Monday on 28th November. It’s one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, as consumers… Continue Reading →

Improve your security with 2FA

In today’s world, online security is absolutely paramount. Your home or business premises is probably protected by several different physical security measures, such as door locks, motion sensors or a burglar alarm. In that respect, so too should your online… Continue Reading →

World Password Day: Review your passwords today

Today, 5th May 2022, is World Password Day – a national day which occurs on the first Thursday of May every year. Its purpose is to promote healthier password habits by prompting us all to update our online passwords to… Continue Reading →

Website Builder Widget of the Week: Before & After Widget

Introduction Welcome to the first entry in our new “Website Builder Widget of the Week” series. Over the course of five posts, we’ll introduce our pick of the five most useful widgets for Website Builder. These will be not just… Continue Reading →

Most workers now want to work remotely for some of the time

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world on a micro and macro level. For individuals, there has been profound grief and loss. There have been extraordinary acts of selflessness and bravery and the best and worst of human nature have… Continue Reading →

A powerful call-to-action will convert website visitors into customers

New online businesses face two main hurdles. The first is getting visitors to come to their website, and the second is converting those visitors into customers. Most manage to get a few hundred visits a week without much difficulty. Getting… Continue Reading →

How to become more cost effective after lockdown

The economy has taken a hit following the lockdown, with many businesses already closing. Surviving businesses will need to make some changes to stay afloat as the restrictions ease and the country returns to something that resembles normality. Budgeting Any… Continue Reading →

Business has moved online to stay. Does your website perform how it should?

As the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns have taken their toll on myriad sectors and industries across the globe, small and medium-sized businesses have been forced to adopt innovative strategies and tactics in order to survive what… Continue Reading →

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