Why having an SSL certificate matters to your business…

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Why having an SSL certificate matters to your business…

Why having an SSL certificate matters to your business…

As a website owner, you don’t want anything getting in the way of visitors (in other words ‘paying customers’) reaching your site do you? But that’s just what Google’s new version of Chrome will do when Chrome 68 is launched at the beginning of July…

Why, and how, will Google Chrome stop visitors getting to my website, you ask? Well, the search giant has decided if your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate in place, it’s going to show an unfriendly ‘not secure’ label in the address bar next to your domain name. Previously, Google was only targeting sites without an SSL that collected data, but it’s upped the ante to include ALL websites now.

Rest assured Google has good intentions for taking this action – it wants to ensure its users can only reach secure websites from its search rankings.

Obviously, you don’t want the warning being shown to your customers so let’s get an SSL certificate added to your site without delay. We’ll do the work so it’s very low effort for you.

An SSL from names.co.uk is not expensive. In fact our Quick SSL costs less than £5 per month.  It’ll also mean that you’ll see ‘https’ in the address bar, rather than ‘http’ (the ‘s’ stands for secure).

It makes an awful lot of sense to get an SSL on your site, but, if you need another reason, here it is: there’s been suggestion in discussion groups that your site will be ranked lower by Google if it doesn’t have an SSL. So, a double whammy of reasons to give us a bell and get us to add an SSL certificate to your site!

SSL certificate – an absolute MUST as of July 2018. Don’t hold your business back.

Call us on 0345 363 3632, or make your purchase online today!


  1. When will NamesCo support LetsEncrypt, the easy low cost way to get SSL certification? Already used by many hosting providers – but notably not NamesCo.
    As things stand NamesCo stand to gain a minimum £60 per annum for every domain whose owner is persuaded of the need. Which adds up to a lot of money indeed if people run several domains.
    DreamHost, one of NamesCo’s rivals, admit they took a big hit in lost certificate sales when they switched to supporting LetsEncrypt. But they did a great service to their customers by doing so.
    If NamesCo persist in not supporting LetsEncrypt it looks as if they are more interested in income.

    • Mike Hodkinson

      03/08/2018 at 15:21

      Good afternoon Jonathan, our cPanel hosting does allow for the use of LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates, we’ve allowed this since 2016 when we introduced cPanel on our platform, I hope that helps ^Mike

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