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Do I need unlimited storage for my website?

There seems to be a perception sometimes that for a website to reach its full potential it shouldn’t be hampered by any storage restrictions.   Whilst it’s true that there should be sufficient space for future growth, having unlimited storage is… Continue Reading →

Generate leads and get more customers with Leadinfo

Running a business is hard. You’ve got to have an attractive product and offer real value for money, whilst keeping your overheads down and trying to balance the books. But ask enough small business owners what the hardest part of… Continue Reading →

Build a website in minutes with Site Assistant

In our 20 Years of WordPress blog post we celebrated the fact that the popular WordPress website management platform has now been around for an incredible 20 years. We thought we’d make this special event even more momentous by adding… Continue Reading →

20 years of WordPress

How well do you remember 2003? In an era before social media and smartphones, it was the year that Apple revolutionised the music industry with the launch of iTunes. It was also the year that the London congestion charge came… Continue Reading →

How do I know which Hosting is best for me?

To have a website you need Hosting. Sounds simple enough right? But if you’ve spent any time looking at the available options you’ll have seen that there are various different types of Hosting. So which one is best for you?… Continue Reading →

Does your business comply online?

Does your website comply with online laws like GDPR and ePrivacy and follow DPA guidelines? Not sure? We don’t blame you! With so many legal frameworks to consider these days, it can be stressful, costly and a major time drain… Continue Reading →

Website Builder: Designing your website doesn’t have to be difficult

Enjoy your web design experience with Website Builder The idea of building your own website can seem daunting, especially if you’ve never done anything like it before. Thankfully, there are platforms available that simplify the process and make it more… Continue Reading →

How to choose the right web hosting option for your website

Choosing the right hosting option for your website can be a daunting task. With so many different types of hosting available, it can be difficult to know which one is best suited for your needs. We’ll cover the most common… Continue Reading →

A simple guide to selecting a web hosting provider

Building a website is exciting and you want to make sure that it represents your business in the best possible light. From creating captivating content to selecting stunning visuals, you put a lot of effort into designing a website that… Continue Reading →

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