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Make life easier with WebMail

In today’s busy world wouldn’t it be great to access your emails on the go? Whether you’re meeting a client, travelling on the train, or just relaxing at home, you need a quick and hassle-free way to view your emails…. Continue Reading →

Website Builder Widget of the Week: Countdown Widget

Introduction Welcome to the third entry in our “Website Builder Widget of the Week” series, your essential guide to the most useful and little-known widgets included with all Website Builder packages. In part one we discovered the Before & After… Continue Reading →

Staying on top of website security

Your business deserves a secure website. You wouldn’t want your physical shopfront to look unsafe, so why would you want your website to? It’ll be off-putting to potential customers and create a poor first impression, not to mention damaging the… Continue Reading →

Why choose a domain name?

There is no better tool for promoting your British roots than a domain. It’s a fantastic way of highlighting the fact you’re based in the UK, offering greater value and focus to a UK audience. In fact, a survey… Continue Reading →

Website Builder Widget of the Week: Zoom Meeting Widget

Introduction Welcome to the second part of our “Website Builder Widget of the Week” series, exploring some of the lesser-known but essential widgets bundled with most of our Website Builder packages. In last week’s entry we explored the Before &… Continue Reading →

Website Builder Widget of the Week: Before & After Widget

Introduction Welcome to the first entry in our new “Website Builder Widget of the Week” series. Over the course of five posts, we’ll introduce our pick of the five most useful widgets for Website Builder. These will be not just… Continue Reading →

Enjoy complete peace of mind with Managed WordPress

Running a website can be stressful. There are security and software updates to stay on top of, ongoing website optimisation to perform, plus of course, the enormous task of having to restore from backup should the worst ever happen. All… Continue Reading →

Time for a different New Year’s Resolution – New Year = New Password!

I’m sure there are many of you thinking about what New Years resolutions to make (and keep), hopefully it’s a list of positive changes and not just cutting out cake and chocolate (I love cake, that’s definitely not on my… Continue Reading →

Boost your Christmas sales with Website Builder Shop

A steady consumer shift to online shopping has been happening for years, and statistics sourced from show that by mid-2019, 20% of all UK retail sales were online. Then in Q1 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, and, almost overnight,… Continue Reading →

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