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Azure Information Protection

Have you sent an email containing sensitive business or customer information? Was the data protected?

Not handling sensitive data properly could cause real implications for you and your business. Some of these include fines (for GDPR non-compliance), loss of customer confidence and damage to your reputation. Security breaches are on the up and the spotlight is on the safety of data. It’s important for you to be in control of exactly who is accessing your own and your customers’ sensitive information.

Azure Information Protection can help.

Take the headache out of safeguarding both your, and your customers’ data with Azure Information Protection.

Classify your data by sensitivity

Classify and protect files by sensitivity and create customisable controls on a label-by-label basis. Using the control features, you can restrict who can access your files and what they can do with them. For example, you can lock down payroll information to just authorised payroll team members only.

Protection of your documents

The protection will apply to any Office365 document attached to your emails. This not only makes it possible to prevent sensitive data from being seen by unauthorised eyes but also allows you to set usage rights, such as preventing the email from being forwarded, copied or printed.

Easy to use encryption settings

With Office365 Message Encryption, you can ensure that any confidential emails are encrypted to prevent them from being read by unauthorised recipients. This feature allows your team to encrypt messages on an email-by-email basis, set automatic rules to encrypt all emails, or only encrypt emails that contain certain labels.


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