Website Maintenance is key!

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Website Maintenance is key!

You may have seen our blog about our Build Me A Website team, where we introduced you to Andy, Rich, Tom and Nathan – but you may be wondering what happens once your newly created website is complete and live.

Owning a website comes with responsibilities – you can’t just upload it and forget about it. Routine website maintenance is key, if your site is to be successful.

Purchase our Website Maintenance package and our Studio Team will take care of your websites upkeep for you, for only £29.99 per month!

What will I get out of this?
We understand that business and products can change in a blink of an eye, meaning your website will also need a bit of tweaking too. Each month, fill in our amendment form to let us know what is changing and we’ll update your site within 24-48 hours. Your amendments can range from text changes to existing pages, changes to font styles, contact details, changes to colourways and a total refresh of images.

Monitoring performance…
We’ll keep you updated on how your site is performing based on a set of indicators, such as number of visitors, page views and clicks, time on site and number of transactions – an efficient way of monitoring how your site is doing.

Covering your back-up…
Every month, without fail, we’ll take a copy of your website. If your website is compromised (for any reason) we’ll be able to quickly reinstate your site to the latest backed-up version, preventing the total disaster of a lost website.

Keeping your customers (and Google) content…
New content is super important when it comes to visibility in Google – our team will write up a professionally written, SEO-friendly blog post. You’ll get imaginative and engaging new content on your website each month, that will help drive new customers to your website. A blog builds confidence, relationships and sales. Customers will look to you as a reliable resource for information on your industry.

Keeping you updated…
The world of web design chops and changes very quickly – if there is anything that we feel you should know, we’ll make sure you know as a priority. Plus, if new tools and features are added to the Website Editor tool, you’ll be first in line!

Questions? – Give our Studio Team a call on 0345 363 3638, or email at, to see what we can do for you.