An update on our sustainability journey: Green Web Foundation

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An update on our sustainability journey

In our Working towards a greener future blog post we talked about the exciting achievements we had accomplished so far on our carbon neutral journey.

Now that we’re further along on that journey we thought we’d share an update on how it’s going and what’s happened since that first blog post.

Our green datacentre

We spoke last time about how our datacentre is powered by 100% renewable energy – an accomplishment that we’re all very proud of. Yet we were also very aware that a big, bold claim like that needs to be backed up by independent, credible sources. We felt it was important to have a trusted third-party sustainability expert check over our datacentre and verify its green status for themselves.

We chose the Green Web Foundation to help us in this endeavour.

Who is the Green Web Foundation?

The Green Web Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation that tracks how much of the Internet runs on renewable energy. It’s aiming for a fossil-free Internet by 2030 and maintains the world’s largest database of websites that use green energy. Its team of experts work with hosting providers such as us to offer guidance and advice on how to direct resources to digital sustainability.

Green Web Check

Their website offers a Green Web Check function, which can be used to see if they have verified a particular website as using green hosting. After spending some time going through their verification process, which involved submitting evidence of our electricity sources, we’re very pleased to say that we are now listed in their database as a verified green hosting provider.

Try it for yourself by checking your own website. If you have one of our Green Web Hosting packages then your website should show the same result.

What are the advantages of being verified?

Just like each of us, more and more people these days are aware of their impact on the environment and are actively taking steps to tackle that. In our own personal lives, most of us as individuals are already checking how sustainable a business is before we start using them, and your own customers will probably be no different in this matter.

With the landmark UN Climate Change Conference COP28 just around the corner, this issue is going to remain centre stage for some time to come.

A great advantage to you as a website owner is that you’ll be able to display a badge on your website, demonstrating to your customers that you’re using green energy. You’ll find the badge on the results page of the Green Web Check.

Not only will this enhance your reputation as an ethically-responsible business, but it will also foster brand loyalty amongst your customers. They’ll be able to see at a glance that you’re doing what you can to reduce your carbon footprint and protect this shared planet we all call home.

The journey isn’t over yet…

This independent verification from the Green Web Foundation is a significant milestone on our sustainability journey, but we’re not resting on our laurels yet. There’s still a lot of work ahead of us and more that can be done to reduce our carbon usage. We’ll post another update in the near future and we hope that you’ll be there to share it with us.

Together, let’s walk the path to a greener future.