20 years of WordPress


Birthday cake with WordPress logo beside it

How well do you remember 2003?

In an era before social media and smartphones, it was the year that Apple revolutionised the music industry with the launch of iTunes.

It was also the year that the London congestion charge came into existence and the space shuttle Columbia tragically exploded during re-entry.

A mix of highs and lows then, with hopefully more highs than lows.

One of those highs (although none of us knew just how groundbreaking it would be at the time!) was the launch of a new blogging platform called WordPress, on May 27th 2003.

Simplistic and functional, as most websites were back then, it was nothing more than a tool to let people write and publish blog posts.

20 years (and many updates) later, it still retains that core blogging feature, but has evolved into an extremely powerful and user-friendly website management system.

In fact, as of May 2023, 43%ⁱ of all websites in existence use WordPress.

And who can blame them, when the WordPress of today allows you to create and manage pretty much every type of website you can imagine?

Need an eCommerce website? No problem, WordPress can handle it!

What about online registration for events and lessons? Yep, not a problem!

How about a fully-fledged website for a restaurant, complete with interactive menu, photos of dishes, online reservations, contact form and location map? You guessed it, WordPress is up to the job!

With an incredible arsenal of plugins, themes and templates, it’s no exaggeration to say that with WordPress the possibilities really are limitless.

Like everyone else, we’re huge fans of WordPress – absolutely blown away by how indispensable it has become over the last two decades.

So we thought we’d do something really special to celebrate this momentous event. Something that will make WordPress even more useful and essential than it already is.

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ⁱSource: https://w3techs.com/technologies/details/cm-wordpress

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