How do I know which Hosting is best for me?

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To have a website, you need Hosting. Sounds simple enough right? But if you’ve spent any time looking at the available options, you’ll have seen that there are various different types of Hosting, such as WordPress, Web Hosting and Website Builders.

So which one is best for you? Let’s examine some common scenarios.

Green Web Hosting

  1. Jack hired a web designer to build his website. He wants a Hosting package that will allow him to upload all the files he has been sent.
  2. Jill is known in some circles as a “power user”. She’s got some technical experience and is a bit of a tinkerer. She likes to have full control over all the various aspects of the Hosting, such as tweaking the firewall, adjusting PHP configuration and preventing image leeching.
  3. Ali wants to be able to browse a huge list of free website applications and easily install them. For example, he may want to add online shopping, a forum, a guestbook, or even a full content management system. What matters to him most is having the flexibility to install whatever he likes (within reason!).

If you’re a Jack, Jill or Ali then Green Web Hosting is best for you. To find out more about our new Green Hosting, read our blog from launch day.

WordPress Hosting

  1. Melanie wants to build a new website. WordPress is quite a well-known name in the website world and she’s heard of it before. She’s even played around with it herself, so she’s got some basic experience of it. She’s pretty confident she’ll be able to create a website and, if she does get stuck, there will be plenty of places she can get help.
  2. Farah needs a website too. She’s not done it before and doesn’t want to spend hours and hours having to figure it all out. She wants a novice-friendly way of getting a basic website online relatively quickly. No hassle, no fuss.
  3. Simon has an existing WordPress website. He’s changing hosting provider and wants to migrate the website over to the new Hosting. He’s been using WordPress for years and knows all about MySQL databases, installing plugins and configuring themes. As long as he has the access he needs, he can do it all himself.

If you see yourself as Melanie, Farah or Simon, then WordPress Hosting should be at the top of your list. To see the difference between Managed and un-Managed WordPress, read our blog, which explains it in detail.

Managed WordPress Hosting

  1. John has an existing website, which was built for him by a web developer using WordPress. He himself isn’t very technical and doesn’t have the skill or desire to get involved in that side of things. He wants someone to migrate the website over for him and take care of any updates that might need doing to it.
  2. Michael wants to build a website for his fledging business. He’s happy to dive in and do it himself, but he doesn’t want the hassle of having to maintain it all the time. He’s a busy chap, so once he’s built it he wants any “behind the scenes” stuff to be done for him.
  3. Michelle is always on her website, constantly publishing updates or tweaking things. Occasionally she’s updated the wrong page and had to spend valuable time undoing it all. She wants to ensure there are regular backups she can easily restore from, so if the worst happens she doesn’t have to spend hours trying to get the website back to how it was before.

Are you a John, Michael or Michelle? Then Managed WordPress Hosting is for you. To understand more about Managed WordPress, read our blog to see the peace of mind it can give you.

So there you have it: nine different people from various walks of life. Hopefully you’ll be able to relate to one of them and work out from there which Hosting is best for you.

And if you’re still unsure then don’t worry. Give us a call on 0345 363 3632 and we’ll be happy to chat with you and work out what you need.

Best of luck!

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