Website Builder vs WordPress: which one is right for you?

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Website Builder vs WordPress

A website isn’t just something that’s “nice to have”. In today’s modern world, it’s an absolute necessity for any business or individual looking to promote themselves or their products.

The good news is that there are a number of different options available for creating the website yourself. In fact, there are so many that you’re spoilt for choice! It can sometimes be a little tricky to work out which of the various possibilities is best for you.

In this article we’re going to examine two of the most popular choices: Website Builder and WordPress. We’ll look at their advantages, what sets them apart from each other and which type of website or situation they would be suited for.

Website Builder

Website Builder is a drag-and-drop editor that allows anyone to easily create a website, without needing to have any technical knowledge or understand any jargon.

You can customise its pre-built templates with your own content or start from scratch. All you have to do is drag the various elements of a website, such as a picture gallery or text box, from the widgets menu on the left and drop them into place wherever you want them on your website.

The editor is particularly powerful because it works well on mobiles and tablets. This means that any website you create will be fully mobile responsive, working seamlessly regardless of whether the viewer is using a computer or mobile device. These days, more and more people use their phones to browse the Internet, so making sure that they can all use your website is an absolute must. Otherwise, you could be missing out on a lot of new sales.

What are the Website Builder advantages?

Fast and simple website creation: As Website Builder is so intuitive and easy to use, you can quickly get a website up and running without any steep learning curve.

No technical experience needed: Website Builder doesn’t require any existing technical skills or know-how, so it’s ideal if you’re creating your first website and don’t want to have to learn lots of technical jargon.

Fully mobile responsive: Desktop, tablet, mobile – whichever device your visitors use to browse your website, they will experience a flawless and seamless user experience with no awkward scrolling or hard-to-read text.


WordPress is an extremely flexible and powerful content management system (CMS), with thousands of plugins and themes that you can use to create a website modified to your exact requirements. Find out the top 5 plugins by reading our blog.

If you’re looking to be as creative as possible then WordPress is ideal, as the array of customisation options is staggering. No matter what you’re trying to do on your website, chances are there will be a WordPress plugin for it!

There’s also a whole host of bells and whistles that allow you to control a lot of “behind the scenes” features of your website, relating to areas such as security, personalisation, user management and much more!

To make it easier for you it’s also available in two different flavours:

WordPress Hosting, giving you full access to all the power and features of WordPress, leaving you free to create and manage the website of your dreams!

Managed WordPress Hosting, in which we will take over all the day to day administration tasks, allowing you to spend more time running your business or developing your ideas. It even includes AI Assistant, a free content creation tool so that you can work faster than ever!

What are the WordPress advantages?

Create any website you like: Whether it’s just a simple blog or a complex online shop, the flexibility and adaptability of WordPress means you can build a website that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

Optimised for SEO: WordPress will automatically let search engines know about your new website or pages, generating specific titles and descriptions for them, which will help improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) score.

Plenty of features for more advanced users: If you’re the kind of person who likes to get your hands dirty, then you’ll love the ability to tweak every part of your website you can think of!


Website Builder and WordPress each have their own advantages and neither of them is really better than the other – it all comes down to exactly what you want to do with them and the kind of website you’re looking to create.

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You can also find out more about WordPress and Website Builder by reading our blogs ‘WordPress Hosting vs Managed WordPress‘ and ‘Website Builder: Designing your website doesn’t have to be difficult‘, or by checking out our WordPress and Website Builder support guide areas. Alternatively, you can find out more about our new Green Web Hosting by following this link.

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