Give your mailbox a Spring Clean


Spring is now well and truly upon us. A time for fresh starts and new beginnings, so why not take this opportunity to have a tidy up of your mailbox?

Most of us get dozens (sometimes hundreds!) of emails every month and if left untended they can start to clutter up our inbox. As the number of emails goes up, so too do our stress levels. Now’s the time to take a step back and re-assess whether you actually need to keep all these emails and how long for.

Why is mailbox management necessary?

Each of our Email Hosting and Web Hosting packages comes with a limit on the amount of storage space your emails can use. For example, on the Starter Email package this limit is 5GB and on the Premium Email package it is 50GB. A basic email with a few lines of text will take up hardly any storage space at all, but one with some images in it, or some files attached, will use up much more.

If you assume each email has one image and an attachment then it could be 5MB in size. 1000 of those will take you up to the 5GB limit. That may seem like a lot, but think how many years you’ve had your email address for and the number of emails of that size you might have received since then.

What happens when I reach the limit?

The good news is that once you reach the maximum storage usage we won’t immediately cut you off, so you will still be able to send and receive your emails. Instead we will reach out to you first, letting you know that you’ve either exceeded or are very close to the limit and providing you with several options.

What are my choices?

The first option, and the simplest, is to upgrade your package. The total available storage with our Email Hosting packages ranges from 5GB to 50GB, so there is plenty of flexibility available.

If you’d rather not upgrade then it’s time to put the Spring Clean into action!

Here are some tips for you to consider when trying to reduce your total usage:

  • Check what’s in your Deleted Items folder. Emails in there still contribute towards your overall usage, so if you don’t need them anymore it might be a good idea to empty that folder.
  • Look for emails with attachments. Consider saving the attachments to your own computer and then deleting the emails. As the files will no longer be stored within your mailbox, they won’t be affecting your email storage usage.
  • Identify any emails that have images contained within them. Do you need these emails or can they be deleted?
  • Have a look in your Sent Items folder and see if there are any emails you can remove. Look particularly for those with attachments. In future, when sending files to other people, consider uploading them to online cloud storage and then just emailing a download link.

Need more help?

Within your Online Control Panel you can monitor your maximum available storage space and how close you are to reaching it.

The following guide explains how to access this information, and offers further tips on reducing mailbox usage:

For help with upgrading your package to one with a higher limit, you can call our friendly Sales team on 0345 363 3632.

If you’d like further help with tidying up your mailbox then our Technical Support team can be contacted on 0345 363 3634, or you can create a support enquiry.