Starting your online business

Tips & Tricks

Find your niche

A successful business starts out with you finding a gap in the market and filling it, or improving on what’s already there. The internet is the perfect place to begin your market research.

You can start out by performing keyword research. This
helps you to target the sorts of keywords people are searching for, but for which many sites aren’t competing.

If you have a general idea of a business in mind, start looking at your closest competitors. Visit their sites, take note of what works and what doesn’t. Then improve on what already exists.

Captivate your customers with cracking copy

Writing copy for the web differs hugely from crafting the written word for a non-digital purpose. You need to arouse interest immediately, create urgency, describe the problem your business solves, and more importantly ensure it’s search engine friendly.

Creating copy for every page on your site is easy, but ensuring that it captivates your audience and keeps them on your website is another matter. Fortunately, we offer professionally crafted copy in-house as part of our Build Me a Website service so feel free to drop us a line to see how this could benefit you.

Get your website builtshutterstock_253620970

Once your market and service is nailed down, you’re on the home stretch. With fewer than 5 seconds to grab someone’s attention, you need to keep your webpage simple but eye catching.

Other than design aesthetics and attention grabbing copy, the next important aspect is having a clear, simple navigation. Make sure anyone visiting your site can locate all your pages easily ensuring they don’t get ‘lost’ on your website in the process. For example, having an obvious ‘contact us’ button enables a potential customer to access your details with a single click.

If you’d like to get your website up and running, find out more about our Build Me a Website packages to see what we can do for you.