Set your WebMail up on your mobile!


Before you leave and go on holiday this summer, don’t forget to make sure you’ll have your email with you on your smartphone.

This way you’ll always be able to stay connected with your friends and family or be available if an emergency arises.

LEARN how to configure your email for your iPhone / iPad

In today’s busy world, we know that you need your email instantly wherever you go. That’s why we’ve developed our email solutions to give you all the flexibility you need.

 We’ve got 3 email plans for you: choose what level of features and storage you need and get your email accounts now!

Do you want to configure your email account on your iPhone or iPad?

It is very easy and it will take you just few minutes. To start, touch “Email” and then select “Other” to configure the account personalized on your domain.

At this point, you’ll have to fill in some few personal data, like your  first and last name, the email address and the password previously created in the Online Control Panel (eg. If you want you can add a description (optional), and then touch Next.

Once you’ve done, enter the incoming and outgoing mail server details. You don’t know what they are? Don’t worry, you can find them inside your Online Control Panel (Email > Manage Email addresses section).

Congratulations! You can now send and receive your emails on your iPhone/iPad.