Discover easy, DIY SEO


SEO made super easy!

We know getting started with Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) can be mind-boggling so we’re super excited to introduce rankingCoach, a step-by-step DIY SEO tool designed specifically for small and medium businesses.

With rankingCoach, you can boost your search engine visibility without being a marketing guru or tech whizz and you can decide how much time you want to spend optimising your site each day.  

rankingCoach works by analysing your websites’ search engine position, identifying the most relevant keywords for the specific market and suggesting tasks to make improvements. Then, it guides you through customised SEO tasks with tailored video tutorials and straightforward instructions. Think of it like a personal SEO trainer, without a hefty price tag!

Once you start completing tasks, it will compare your results with your main competitors and provide detailed reports on the positions achieved.

Our Commercial Director, Stephen Ewart said, “For a long time, we searched for the right Search Engine Optimisation tool for our customers and we finally found it with rankingCoach. We wanted a tool that empowers small and medium business owners to take control of their SEO and ultimately improve their online presence – without costing the earth. rankingCoach does that. It’s simple to use and the tasks are easy to follow with lots of video tutorials for support. We can’t wait for our customers to try it and to start moving up the ranks.” 

So, are you ready to give it a whirl? Sign up for a free 14 day trial now and start improving your website straight away!