Secure your website with an SSL Certificate


Secure your website with an SSL Certificate

In today’s world online security is more important than ever before.

Several years ago it was normal for Ecommerce websites to have advanced security, but there was no real expectation for regular websites to do so. Thanks to the proliferation of online threats, that’s now all changed. Today’s consumers are more savvy than ever, and a website that scrimps on security will be given very short shrift.

For that reason, an SSL Certificate is now an absolute must for any type of website.

What is an SSL Certificate?

When viewing a website, there’s a good chance that you’ve probably seen a little padlock icon up at the top by the address. Its appearance may change, depending on the particular web browser you’re using, but it will always be quite visible.

It means that an SSL Certificate is installed, which is encrypting the connection between you and the server. Any data you enter into the website will be sent across the Internet in a secure tunnel, making it much harder for cyber criminals to intercept it.

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

Aside from the obvious security benefits, there are several other reasons why no website should be without an SSL Certificate:

  • Increase consumer confidence: the padlock icon is now expected by default; if your website doesn’t display one it could cause your visitors to be wary. Its presence is a tangible and comforting reminder that you are committed to security.
  • Enhance business reputation: an SSL Certificate isn’t issued to just anyone; there are various checks that are carried out first. With the lower tier SSL Certificates this involves making sure that you have control over the domain, whereas the higher level ones vet various aspects of your business to ensure it’s a legitimate one. That little padlock icon is therefore a visible confirmation that you are who you say you are, instilling trust and confidence into all who see it.
  • Avoid Google penalties: a website without an SSL Certificate could be labelled as “not secure” in Google’s search results. Would you click on such a link if you saw it? Would your customers? The last thing you want is to turn away any potential new business; keeping Google happy is key to maintaining your standing in their search results.

Which types of SSL Certificate are available?

For your convenience we offer various different types of SSL Certificates:

Starter SSL DV

Our entry-level certificate, ideal for personal or hobbyist websites. To be eligible for this, you will simply just need to prove that you own and have control over the domain. As long as you can do this, then the certificate is usually issued within 24 hours.

Professional SSL OV

Our mid-level certificate is suitable for use by registered businesses or sole traders. As well as the domain ownership verification, a few other checks are done to be sure that your business or trading name has been properly registered with the relevant authorities. For this reason, it can take a few days for this type of SSL Certificate to be issued.

Premium SSL EV

This highest-tier certificate is available to registered businesses only: it can’t be used by individuals or sole traders. A comprehensive set of verification checks are carried out with Companies House (or their equivalent for the country you’re in) to make sure that you’re fully registered and in good standing. As a result, it can take up to 3 weeks to receive this type of certificate. It’s worth the wait though, as the presence of this SSL Certificate on your website is the clearest indication possible that you are a bona fide legitimate business.

Get your SSL Certificate today

No matter what type of website you have, an SSL Certificate is an essential security accessory. Get yours today to improve your business reputation, enhance consumer confidence and keep Google happy!