Get the full picture with Google Consent Mode v2

Online Compliance

What you need to know about Google Consent Mode v2

Are you worried about Online Compliance? You should be.

If your business has a website then there is a staggering array of legal regulations relating to how you can collect personal data from your website users and what you can do with it. Maintaining compliance with all of this can quite often cause you a bit of a headache.

That’s where our Online Compliance product gives you a clear advantage, as it offers a user-friendly tool that lets you keep abreast of all your legal obligations. From cookie banners to privacy policies, it has everything you need to reassure your customers and demonstrate your commitment to data protection.

What’s more, it’s now better than ever as it offers full support for the new Google Consent Mode v2.

What is Google Consent Mode v2?

In order for your website to collect information about how people are using it, you first need to acquire their consent. This is usually done via a cookie banner that pops up when someone initially visits the website. Unless the consent option is clicked in this banner, then you won’t be able to collect any data such as the links they are clicking or the path they take through your website.

Google Consent Mode v2 plugs this gap, as it uses an AI model to predict the behaviour of users who don’t provide consent. It will analyse the patterns and trends from those who have previously consented, to offer a “best guess” as to what non-consenting users might have done on the website.

How does this help me?

You might already be using Google Analytics to monitor visits to your website. And, if you’re using ads on there, you’ll have Google Ads as well. Consent Mode v2 will allow you to monitor the visits of users who don’t provide consent. You’ll be able to understand what they’re doing on your website and how many visitors actually perform the action you want them to do (such as buy something).

Rather than just seeing a gap in data, instead you’ll be able to gain a more accurate view of your website’s performance, whilst also respecting your customers’ consent choices. Google themselves estimate that you’ll be able to see predicted data for around 65% of clicks from users that reject consent.

  1. Get more out of your ads: understand more about how your ads are working
  2. Improve your conversions: extra data feeding into your analytics will increase your conversions
  3. Maintain GDPR compliance: ensure your website remains compliant with privacy regulations

Importantly, as of March 2024, Google Consent Mode v2 will be required in order to access the audience segmentation and performance measurement features within Google Analytics.

How can I activate it?

The good news is that if you’re already using one of our Online Compliance products on your website then you have all you need to start tapping into this vast data source already. Simply activate the built-in cookie banner and make sure you’ve checked the box marked “Do not block Google’s services that adhere to Consent Mode”. It’s as simple as that!

Get the full picture today and plug the missing gaps in your analytics data by ensuring you harness the power of Google Consent Mode v2 – included in our Online Compliance product.