Building your brand with the help of a website builder

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Building your brand

Building your brand to encourage your customers to become loyal advocates and ambassadors is the holy grail of business. Your website is often the first interaction a customer or potential customer will have with your brand and so it is a key way to make a great first impression and also let them know your brand values, vision and ethos.

However, bearing in mind that people don’t tend to spend that long on a site, you won’t have much time to convey your brand story to visitors.

This is where good web design and development can be your best friend and help draw people in so they want to know more and potentially become advocates.

Tap into emotion

Colour is a fundamental part of telling your brand story and different colours can portray a whole range of different emotions. From calming greens to energetic yellows and serious blacks, colour is very important and can be bought to life through a website builder.

Make it about you

Use your website as a way to give some personality to your brand. Using a website builder, tell your story and bring it to life through sharing something about yourself.

Whilst building your brand, it’s important that your audience feel something when they visit your site and associate certain emotions with your brand, so consider how you can do this by telling your story.

Be consistent

Once you have decided on your logo, colours, personality and fonts, keep to them. Don’t change elements of your site every five minutes. Your customers need to be able to recognise your brand immediately and get to know you. Don’t be afraid to have your vision, values and proposition right there on your site for customers to see.

Stand for something

While it is important to show what you offer and why it is great, it is also increasingly important to demonstrate that you stand for something more than just your business. Perhaps you help save the planet, or maybe you give back to charities. Whatever it is, be authentic! Don’t say you help to support education across the world unless you actually do. Always try and link your purpose back to what you offer.

The importance of messaging

Although colour and graphics are the key foundations of web design, messaging should not be ignored. Work out your own unique tone of voice and stick to it. It will soon become as instantly recognisable as your visual brand.

Keep optimised

Having a great website is only one part of the puzzle. You need to ensure that people can find it. Take the time and effort to optimise your site so that it performs well in searches and also have an accompanying web strategy that encompasses social media, direct marketing, SEO and PPC etc.

You can have the best brand in the world, but the internet is a vast space and there are a lot of businesses out there – make sure that you are shouting loud and clear so that people hear about you!

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