What you need to know…

Customers have contacted us with reports of having FTP details stolen and we’ve been able to help them identify that they have been hacked and affected by a virus as a result.

As an enhanced security measure we’re adding an FTP locking feature for all Linux shared hosting accounts only. This enables our customers to lock FTP access to their account when it’s not in use, making it more difficult for hackers to gain access.

From  the end of November FTP will be locked on all accounts as standard. You can unlock your FTP for a given time or by white listing specific IP addresses, meaning that you can access your files during this time or at the specified address even when FTP is locked.

We would advise that you prepare any changes to your website and then, when you are ready to upload it, unlock FTP for one hour. If you need access for longer, please select the relevant option however, we would advise you to only unlock FTP for short periods.

Features of FTP Lock

Unlocking FTP via your Online Control Panel is simple.  You’ve always been able to limit FTP access via IP address, but now you can choose from either:-

  1.  Limiting FTP access by IP address or
  2. Limiting the amount of time that your FTP remains open for – regardless of the IP address

If you choose the second option, you can work as standard during the period of time when FTP is open and at the end of the time limited period, FTP access will close down again.  You will be required to log back into your Online Control Panel and choose from either option one or two again.

By using the FTP lock with your Namesco hosting will greatly reduce the risk of Hackers gaining access to your website.

If you want to follow an on screen guide about how to choose either IP or time to access your FTP, then check out this Blog post – http://names.co.uk/blog/2011/11/how-to-implement-our-new-ftp-security/

Please keep checking back for further information on the FTP Lock.