What is Site Admin?

If you have an account with Names.co.uk then you have access to our Control Panel, allowing you to manage and renew your services and domains at all times. This is accessed by logging in with either your registered email address or account reference, along with your password.

There is also a second method of accessing the Control Panel, which is known as the Site Admin login. Unlike when you login normally, logging in with Site Admin will only allow you to access and manage the services for one single domain.

What is Site Admin for?

You may have a number of different domains on your account with Names.co.uk, but you have paid a web designer to do some work on just one of them. They may need access to your Control Panel so they can make some changes but you don’t want them to see or manage any of the other domains on your account. No problem! By providing them with the Site Admin login details for the domain in question they will only be able to access the services for that, and not any of the others.

Which domains have Site Admin access?

Any domain that has a mailbox has Site Admin access. The following packages all provide a mailbox, thereby enabling Site Admin access:

  • Web Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Web Builder (paid versions)

What can Site Admin do?

Take a look at the following screenshot. This shows what you will see if you login normally to your Control Panel:

The key thing is the menu at the top. You can see various options such as Billing and Account which provide access to view renewals and update account details.

Now take a look at the same screen when logged in as Site Admin:

You can see that the menu at the top does not have all of the other options. All it has access to is the services for the domain (Web Hosting in this case). You can also see that any references to upgrading products and services, such as the message in the top right corner of the first screenshot, have been removed for Site Admin.

It’s important to note that whilst someone using Site Admin only has access to one domain, they will be able to access and manage everything associated with that domain. This includes the following:

  • All of the mailboxes
  • All of the databases
  • All of the FTP users
  • The entire webspace
  • The DNS Records

They will not, however, be able to transfer the domain away; that can only be done by the account holder.

Therefore, if you are going to provide Site Admin access to a third party you need to ensure it is someone you fully trust, as they will be able to do things like changing mailbox passwords if they wanted to.

What are the Site Admin login details?

The Site Admin username is always just the domain (without the www’s).

If you’re not sure what the password is, here’s how to change it from your Control Panel.

Once logged into your Control Panel, click on the relevant domain and look for the Email Settings drop-down menu.

Choose the option Users and Email Rules.

On the page that takes you to, you should see a user listed at the top. The username will just be the domain and to the right of that it should be labelled as Site Admin.

Clicking on that user will take you to a page that will allow you to enter, and confirm, your desired Site Admin password. Once you have done so click on Save at the bottom.

You can now give that password to your web designer (or chosen third party) and when they login with it on our website using the domain as the username they will have Site Admin access. Try testing it yourself first so you can be sure it works and so that you can confirm that they don’t have access to other domains.

This concludes our look at the useful Site Admin feature but if you have any other queries please get in touch with our Technical Support team, who will be happy to help.

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