How to Modify a Domain Name on Multi-Domain Hosting

This guide will show you how to modify your Domain Name that is attached to Multi-Domain Hosting.

Before you follow this guide, you must have access to your Online Control Panel as the main account holder. If you need assistance to get into your Control Panel, you can follow this guide here.

Step One

Once in the Control Panel, you’ll want to hover your mouse over the Services tab and select Hosting Allocation from the drop-down menu.

Step Two

Select Modify next to the domain you are looking to alter the settings of.

Step Three

You can now select the platform you are looking to access your domain through.

Linux Apache and Windows 2012 are both for website hosting, depending on your specifications.

If your website runs on PHP and MySQL, then we recommend Linux Apache.

If you are using MS SQL or, we would recommend using Windows 2012 Hosting.

If you are looking to use your domain for just email hosting, then you can select Email Only.

Step Four

Tick Enable Email if you wish to have email services for this domain.

Then tick Setup DNS if you want the DNS of your domain to be automatically changed to our Nameservers, overwriting any DNS that was in place.

If you would like to manage your own DNS, then don’t tick this box.

Step Five

If you do require emails for this domain name, here is where you can select how many mailboxes are allocated. If you have Premium Hosting, this will say you have unlimited emails. Professional Hosting limits you to 100 Mailboxes.

Step Six

Lastly, you can alter your Hosting Options.

Web Storage allocated will relate to how much storage will be given to this domain name, you should to put this number in Megabytes so if you need 10GB you put 10000 in the box. This is also the same for Bandwidth.

You can also alter the allocation of Subdomains, Domain Aliases, MySQL Databases, and FTP Users.

If you have any further questions then please raise a support request from within your Online Control Panel or call us on 0345 363 3632 and our customer support team will be happy to help.

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