Configure Hotmail to collect email

How to configure your Hotmail/Outlook/Live account to collect emails from your account

While we provide the option to redirect emails from your mailbox to a 3rd party email address, for example, sending a copy to your hotmail address, this is sometimes not the best best way to do this.

Instead, all Microsoft accounts have the ability to log in to your mailbox with us and collect your email, allowing you to manage everything via your Hotmail login

This option may be better that redirecting mail, due to the way that Microsoft’s mail systems can incorrectly interpret mail headers and flagging emails as spam

To set this up takes a few simple steps.

Log in to your Microsoft account as normal, and click on the Settings icon to the top-right of the screen. This brings up the settings panel

At the bottom of the settings panel, click on the link for View All Outlook Settings. This opens up all the settings in a new window

Select the Sync Email option, then click on the Other Email Accounts link. This will allow you to manually add your mailbox details with us

Before we start filling out any details, we need to show all the options. Tick the Manually configure account settings (POP, IMAP or send-only account) box to show all options

You will need only 2 pieces of information here – the email address associated with your mailbox with us, and the password.

Fill out the settings options as displayed in the example image above, putting your own email address in the Email address and Username boxes.

If you have Authenticated SMTP with us as well, click the Send mail using your provider’s server option, and fill out the Outgoing Server details as shown.

Click on OK, and your mail will now be collected directly by your Microsoft account, instead of being forwarded.

Don’t forget to remove the redirect from your mailbox here if you are collecting directly from the mailbox, as you will no longer need this option

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