Why choose a .co.uk domain name?

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.co.uk - a great place to be

There is no better tool for promoting your British roots than a .co.uk domain. It’s a fantastic way of highlighting the fact you’re based in the UK, offering greater value and focus to a UK audience.

In fact, a survey carried out by Nominet – the UK Domain Registry – revealed that 81% of UK Internet users would be more likely to choose a .uk website from search results. You’ve probably even done this yourself at some point! If you’re searching for a specific product online and you see a .uk website in the list you’ll choose that one, as you know the delivery will probably be faster and it will be easier to contact the company if there is a problem.

Your website will also have better visibility in google.co.uk, hopefully resulting in many more visits and increasing your brand awareness to a British audience.

Benefits of a .co.uk domain

  • Demonstrate that you’re a UK business
  • Prices in £ sterling – no inflated currency conversions!
  • Fast and affordable deliveries
  • Likely to have UK based support

If you’re based in the UK, or offering goods to the UK market, and you don’t have a .co.uk domain, then why not? With 10 year registrations available you can secure your valuable brand name for longer and take all the hassle out of managing renewals.

What’s more, for a limited time only, you can register a .co.uk domain FREE on our website. Grab yours today and harness the power of a recognised and trusted domain extension.

.co.uk – a great place to be.

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