Why are Martech specialists taking the lion’s share of marketing budget?


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Marketers need to be able to demonstrate that they can understand and use automation to achieve results as strong as martech platforms which are promising to deliver more results for less human input. With PPC management becoming more complicated than ever, PPC specialists need to deliver strategic advice and guidance as well as managing the martech for best results for their clients.

Boost PPC performance

PPC tools for bid management, error checking, producing ad copy and reporting mean marketers can now automate the time-consuming elements of setting up and overseeing a PPC campaign. This frees them to focus on the strategic direction and making decisions as to how to optimise and ensure consistent performance.

When they can deliver speed and results, it’s no surprise that specialists in martech tools often take the lion’s share of budget, with the trend towards martech increasing compared with investment in individuals, in-house teams or agencies only likely to continue.

Automating bid management

PPC specialists are fast learning the importance of being able to use PPC tools to automate some otherwise time-consuming tasks such as bid management. Search engines such as Google have prioritised accounts that use their automated bid management strategies. Enabling even their smallest accounts to make smarter bids informed by advanced machine learning that tells them which devices, locations, times of the day or operating systems perform best for them.

Marketers can now also harness their own data to make their bidding strategies even more efficient. For example with Google ad tools enabling easy integration of data sets such as stock levels, profitability or seasonality.

Error checking automation

Succeeding in the fast-paced world of PPC can be down to how quickly you get through manual tasks. So one of the PPC tools marketers find invaluable is helping to identify problems, errors, and anomalies. So they can be rectified swiftly. Again, Google has a tool for that, with the Google Account Anomaly Detector script scanning any account every hour, prompting an email whenever account metrics vary more than expected. Which could indicate an error has occurred.

Create ad copy variations

Automated ad copy can save time on large accounts. With Google’s dynamic search ads automatically generating ad copy and targeting data based on website content. These don’t have the same level of control, for instance, as keyword targeted campaigns, but they can enable you to expand accounts.

You could also use Google Scripts to combine an up to date product feed with keyword and content snippets.

PPC reports automated

Creating a report on your PPC campaign can be automated with Google sheets and an Analytics add-on, or create dashboards in Google data studio. You can pull in data from your own sources and cross-reference for bespoke insights and actionable reports.

Automation can help analyse results and pull out interesting points that can be insights for future action. With a marketer responsible for leading the campaign to take advantage of opportunities identified.

In conclusion, the power of martech in machine learning and automating is a benefit to firms looking to optimise the return on their digital marketing.