Using Images and Fonts Effectively

Tips & Tricks


To achieve visual success, it’s essential that you master the text and imagery on your website. Having images that catch the eye and words that wow is one thing, bringing them together to create something stunning is another.

Have a browse through our top three points explaining the basics of font and imagery matching and why they’re so important to website design.


Fancy fonts with intricate patterns should be kept to a minimum, however if you do choose to go with a complex font, keep it to the larger title text so it’s easier to read. Large blocks of copy on a website are there for a reason, to inform the customer. Make sure any paragraphs of text on your site are in simple and clear to read font types. They may seem boring, but ultimately they’re easier on the eye.

If you have a dark background look at using a lighter font colour and vice versa. Help the font work well with the colours behind it allowing the text to stand out.

Font & Image Placement

Playing around with different font sizes helps to show hierarchy on the page. It’s worth having a strapline or main heading that encompasses your business in a snappy bit of copy. This way your eye is drawn directly to the main message. Whatever text you deem to be the most important
help it stand out by making it larger than the font sizes below it.

As well as varying font sizes, it’s also worth deciding where you’d like a strapline or main heading to sit with the image behind it. Placing text in the right area on an image can make the difference between an eye-catching message and a damp squib.

Fonts & Images That Suit Your Business

Your brand image and personality is reflected on a website in several ways. Whether it’s through the tone of voice of your text, or in this case, the style of your fonts and image choices. For example, if you’re a law firm the last thing you want is a font style that’s too informal or artistic. When it comes to choosing a font, think about your business and the image you’d like to portray.

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