The future of .uk is in your hands!

Domain Names

Nominet, the .uk Registry has today published their second consultation to ask you the following questions:

Do you want direct registrations under .uk?
If you do, how do they decide who gets certain domain names first?

I encourage you all to have your say and contribute as Nominet try to find out “what’s best for the .UK namespace”, find their consultation here. In it, Nominet have proposed that existing domain name registrants in the .uk namespace could have a “six month” period from launch in which they can submit an application for the matching .uk domain name.

In the cases where multiple applications are made for the same .uk domain name, the application from the registrant with the corresponding domain name ( etc) registered the longest, will be awarded the If you want to find out more about this, listen in to the radio interview I did with online radio show, Frequency cast.

I’m also on twitter now to answer any questions – #directuk. Having done the first consultation, I have some useful tips and advice.

Below, you can find the answers to some questions you may already be asking yourself, but please come and find me on twitter #directuk, if you want to know anything else.

Q. Can i register today?
A. No, we cannot (nor can anyone else) submit an application for a domain name yet.

Q. Why have the British Library got
A. There are some in existence already but those were granted before 1996 when Nominet took over the running of the .uk namespace and none have been allowed since.

Q. Will this mean that we can definitely register
A. This is just a consultation, it is Nominet asking questions and giving an example of what they believe to be a viable option based on the first consultation feedback. This does NOT definitely mean that will happen.

Q. Why are Nominet holding a consultation?
A. Nominet has been asked repeatedly over the years why they don’t allow this as other countries do (.fr .ie .de .nl .es etc) and as Nominet is directed to act in the ‘best interest of the UK namespace” they are asking the UK namespace if they should allow it.

Q. When might we be able to register direct .uk?
A. If this goes ahead, technical changes in registrars would need to be done and Nominet would have to allow time for development work and communications. So even if it goes ahead, it is doubtful it will happen in 2013.

Q. Should I still go ahead and register a today?
A. We don’t know whether Nominet will even allow yet – this is just a consultation. Nominet has to ask these questions to make sure any decision they make is in the best interest of the .uk. If there are no domains in the other .uk existing extensions registered then at least if you get the now, should this even happen then you would have the right to apply for the direct .uk to match. If you wait, you may miss out on them both. Even if goes ahead, it will take time to become familiar, the extension is strong and will remain so for some time to come.

This is your .uk namespace, what happens with it is up to you, I urge you all to have your say. I’m on twitter now for any questions you may have – #directuk