Setting up your business email address: What you need to know

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Professional hosted email

Securing your professional email address, and domain name, should be top of your to-do list once you’ve established your business idea. Having a custom email address shows you’ve created a real business, whereas using a Gmail, Yahoo or some other generic email address screams ‘weekend hobby’.

The good news is that it’s easy to set up a professional email address with, and it involves becoming a domain owner, if you aren’t already.

Picking your email package

Visit our Business Email page which sets out all the features of our varying business email packages. You might like to take our recommended package for starter businesses of 3 users, 15GB of storage per person, paid for in one go for a whole year. If that doesn’t sound quite right you can change the number of users, storage amount and payment term until it’s spot on for you.

Find your domain name

Once you’ve got your perfect email package sussed, or taken the easier option and got started with our recommend package, it’s time to find your domain name.

A domain is your unique name on the internet, which is made up of a chosen phrase and an extension. For example, our is ‘’ with ‘’ being the extension. Once you register your domain name, you’re its owner until your contract expires. Your domain name becomes your web address, i.e. and it also forms your email address, i.e.

You can pretty much register any domain name you like, so long as no one else has snapped it up. Our search tool makes it really easy to check whether the domain name you want is available. It’ll even recommend some similar domain names that are available if your preferred option is taken – saves you some brain ache!

Ready to rock n roll!

Starting on our Business Email page, in one transaction you can get your domain name and business email purchased. You’ll get access to an Online Control Panel where you can manage your domain and email account, plus a welcome email letting you know how to start using your new business email (which is really easy!). Plus, you get the help and advice of our Support Team who are only ever a phone call or support ticket away.

Your new business email account gives you access to Webmail that will look similar to any free email interface that you might have used previously – Gmail or Yahoo for example – except it’ll be on your very own domain name (meaning your brand name gets promoted with every email you send, not Gmail or Yahoo’s!). It’ll be surrounded by state-of-the-art security and will give you a totally professional look for your business correspondence.

View our Business Email options 

Ready to build a website too?

You really are going great guns – once your domain and email have been purchased, we’re not surprised you want to turn your attention to getting your website built and your online presence established. You have two options: purchase our Website Builder which makes website building easy and fun, even for those with no experience. Or, our Build Me A Website team can build a website for you, including writing all the content and picking out gorgeous imagery, as well as making it Google-friendly.

Your online journey is just beginning…