Reasons to register your personal domain name

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Personal domain names

Most commonly, domain names are registered for business purposes. But there’s another great reason to bag yourself a domain name: and that’s to register your own personal domain name so you can manage your own online personal image proactively.

Take control

We’re all aware of how easy it is to Google someone’s name and find out a lot of information about a person these days. The results are not always favourable, depending on your point of view, and the reason for searching in the first place.

Protect your reputation

If you register your firstname.lastname in the extension of your choice (, .com, .uk) you’re taking control of your online identity. Simply set up a forward to your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn profile (or any other pages you control), and in one easy move you’ve protected your reputation and ensured people are much more likely to see what you want them to.

Directing people to a social media page that you already manage is a super simple way to avoid the hassle of setting up a personal website. Once the forward is set up (mega easy from your Online Control Panel), there’s no more work involved.

Make a great impression

There are other really handy uses to having your personal domain name tucked away in your domain portfolio too. The first one involves impressing friends and family, and we all like to show off from time to time! Give them your personal domain name and they’ll be able to instantly view information about you. Imagine how smart your personal domain would look on your very own letterhead, business card or email signature. If you’re active on Instagram, you can direct your followers there too.

Show you’re tech-savvy

Secondly, you’ll be able to show prospective employers that you’re tech-savvy by linking to your LinkedIn profile via your personal domain. No more ugly LinkedIn URLs!

Display your skills

Thirdly, if you have a creative line of work, displaying your talents using your personal domain name is a really neat idea.  This would involve taking the time to build your own website – but it’s very easy if you use our DIY Website Builder tool. Photographers, artists, graphic designers could easily set up an online gallery of work. Copywriters, PR execs and journalists could showcase a selection of their writing. Even landscapers, builders or carpenters could share photos of their finished work.

Next step

Once you’ve registered your personal domain name, you can even set up the matching email address so you’re emailing from your very own personal domain. Set the ultimate great first impression!

Get searching for your personal domain today, before someone else takes your name!