Make life easier with WebMail


Make life easier with WebMail

In today’s busy world wouldn’t it be great to access your emails on the go?

Whether you’re meeting a client, travelling on the train, or just relaxing at home, you need a quick and hassle-free way to view your emails. That’s where WebMail comes in!

Specially designed from the ground up to offer a fully responsive experience on mobiles and tablets, WebMail can be accessed from any computer or device anywhere in the world. With its familiar user-friendly layout, superior features and simple accessibility, WebMail makes your life easier by taking the stress out of checking your emails. Best of all, it’s included FREE with every single one of our Email Hosting packages.

Packed with great features

Use WebMail on your mobile devices: Whether you’re at home or in the office, just reach for your phone and your emails are always at your fingertips.

Standard responses: Create your own template responses to send out to common enquiries. Use them as they are or tweak them at will to personalise your replies.

Create folders: Managing your emails couldn’t be simpler. Create folders to better organise the emails you receive, then simply drag and drop relevant emails into them.

Calendar: Organise your time effectively with WebMail’s built-in calendar. Plan your schedule and set useful reminders for meetings or events.

Filters & rules: Create automated rules to perform actions on eligible emails, such as deleting emails from a certain sender or moving emails with specific subjects into a special folder.

Address book: No need to keep remembering people’s email addresses, as you can store them in the address book for easy access.

With all these amazing features, WebMail helps you communicate more efficiently and frees up extra time in your day from the tedium of email management.

Need more help?

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