Make an impact with Email Hosting


Make an impact with Email Hosting

In our previous blog post we discussed the importance of registering multiple domain extensions in order to protect your brand. If you’ve already done that then that’s great! You’re off to a flying start already.

Once you’ve acquired the necessary domains, the next step is to consider whether you plan to email your customers. If you’ve gone to the trouble of sourcing professional domains that boost your business, then you’ll definitely want to ensure that any emails you send follow suit.

This is where Email Hosting comes in!

What is Email Hosting?

Chances are you already have a personal email address from one of the various free email providers. It’s probably based around your name, but you might have had to put some numbers in it somewhere, as someone else with a similar name already had the original. This is fine if you’re just communicating with friends or family, but just think about what impression it might give to a customer who receives an email from that address. Seeing a random email address as the sender might cause them concern, make it difficult for them to remember, or worst of all – come across as unprofessional!

Email Hosting solves this problem. It allows you to send out emails from a personalised email address that is specific to the domain(s) you have registered. An email from will make a much more positive first impression than one from

What else does Email Hosting offer?

As well as the presentation of a professional brand image, Email Hosting offers a number of other advantages that will make your life much easier.

Create multiple email addresses

Set up unique email accounts for each part of your business – such as sales@, accounts@ or enquiries@. Not only will this make it much easier for you to manage your customer communications, but it will also help to give the impression that you are a trusted and respectable business.

Virus & spam filtering

With most of the free email addresses, you can either classify a received email as spam, or state that it isn’t spam. Email Hosting allows you to do this as well, but you have much more control over the sensitivity of the spam filters. A handy slider bar allows you to control how rigorous, or how flexible, you would like it to be. This is a great solution for controlling the amount of suspected emails that make it through to your inbox.

Set up email forwarding

Forward your emails to another address, either temporarily or permanently. This is perfect if you’re going away for a few days and want someone else to keep an eye on your emails for you.

Create mail groups

Create a single email address that delivers to multiple different recipients. If you have a team of several sales advisors, then you can create a sales@ address to deliver to all of them.

Access from anywhere

Email Hosting also comes with an online WebMail that you can access from anywhere, just like a normal website. This is incredibly useful if you’re away from the office, or using a different device, and need to quickly get access to your emails.

Find out more about WebMail in our blog post Make life easier with WebMail.

Sync across different devices

Perhaps most useful of all, the IMAP functionality included with Email Hosting means that emails will synchronise across all your various devices. If you send an email from your phone when you’re out, you’ll see it appear in the Sent Items on your computer when you’re back in the office. This means you’ll always be up to date, easily able to keep track of all your important emails no matter where you are or which device you’re using.

As you can see, there are many advantages with Email Hosting. Not only will you be enhancing your brand reputation and business image, but you’ll also be benefiting from a huge range of easy to use email management tools. You’ll wonder how you ever coped without them!

Which Email Hosting packages are available?

For your convenience our Email Hosting is available in several different packages, offering mailbox sizes ranging from 5GB to 50GB. A basic email that is just text will usually be around 0.1MB, whereas one with images or attachments could be several MB in size. There are 1024MB per GB, so you certainly won’t be short of space! You can easily upgrade at any time, so as your business grows, your Email Hosting can evolve with you.

How can I get Email Hosting?

Make an impact today by personalising your email address. Buy Email Hosting from our website, the Upgrade Options page in your Online Control Panel, or by calling us on 0345 363 3632.

Want to know more?

You can visit The Hub for tips on starting your business with a domain name, a business email, and a website. You can also download free insightful e-books there.