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Website Maintenance Service

A website is never truly finished.

This might sound odd, but just have a think about it for a moment. It’s almost inevitable that your business will change over time. You might alter your opening hours, expand your product portfolio, improve your service offering, take on new staff, or run a special offer. How will your customers know about any of these if your website is still as it was on day one? Just as your business develops, so too should your website.

You can build your dream website easily enough with our DIY Website Builder, or get us to build it for you, but what about keeping it up to date? Whilst you could certainly do these changes yourself in the editor, wouldn’t it be great if you had a team of designers at your beck and call who could handle it all for you?

That’s where our Website Maintenance Service comes in! For just £29.99 per month we’ll take care of maintaining the website for you, making sure it more accurately reflects your current service offering and leaving you free to focus on running your business.

How important is website maintenance?

Your website is the digital version of your shopfront. It’s job is to promote your business, entice new customers and convey a positive brand image. Over time customer expectations may change and the snazzy website you built several years ago might start to seem a bit dated. If that happens then prospective clients could go looking elsewhere. This is where the website will need a new coat of paint. We can improve it by offering functional tweaks and design improvements that will help it to attract a modern audience and stand out from your competitors.

You also need to consider the age of the content on there, and whether it’s all still up-to-date. It’s no good the website saying you’re closed on Saturdays if you recently took on new staff and can now offer a weekend service. Or maybe there’s a new “must have” product which you’re now selling, but it’s not mentioned on the website anywhere. If you overlook either of these then you could be driving traffic to your rivals and losing out on all that revenue.

What does the Website Maintenance Service include?

Each website is unique, and so too will be the service that we offer you. You’ll benefit from a personalised design service that is customised around your own bespoke requirements. Each month, we will undertake up to 2 hours of work on the website for you, tweaking and updating it as per your needs.

You’d be surprised exactly how much we can get done in 2 hours, so here are a few ideas about what we could do for you in that time.

Create a brand new website page

We will design and create an entirely new website page for you, one that is fully modernised and optimised for mobile devices and tablets. This could be about a new service you offer, the latest news from your business, or details of current offers. Anything you like really!

Add an online shop

The pandemic has altered consumer behaviour and online shopping has become more popular than ever. If you’re not offering your products online then you could be missing out on this growing demand. We can enhance your website by adding Ecommerce functionality, allowing your clients to browse and purchase your products online. We’ll add up to 20 products each month for you, greatly expanding your selling reach.

Give your website a makeover

If you’ve used Website Builder to create your website then we can cast our expert eyes over it, improving the design, modernising the looks and ensuring it all behaves well on mobile devices. We can enact your own ideas, or we can use our own experience and expertise to give your website the wow factor it deserves.

Take the stress out of updating your website with our Website Maintenance Service. Benefit from the expert advice of a skilled team of designers and enjoy up to 2 hours of bespoke work each month, for just £29.99.

Request a free website consultation today and take your website to the next level.