Is your site worth regular website maintenance? Reward it with 7 must-dos

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Websites perform a vital function for many businesses and website maintenance is no exception. The more professional a website is, the more value it can generate. Sites offer brand exposure, sales opportunities and ways for customers to get in touch.

Websites cannot remain static – they need to be refreshed, maintained and updated regularly in order to continue to do the job they were designed for. In terms of website maintenance, some tasks should be undertaken weekly while others can probably be managed rather less frequently. The main tasks are outlined below, together with a suggestion as to how often they should be performed.

User testing

The way in which people use the web and navigate around websites changes all the time. To ensure that your website continues to work for users, it is worth investing some time and money in user testing. Bringing in external testers brings fresh eyes to the process and can really benefit the business. Make sure that any testing is carried out on a variety of devices to ensure compatibility. Once the testing is complete, create a schedule for making any changes that have been identified. This serves to ensure that insights and suggestions are acted upon.

Suggested frequency: Annually

Test out all the forms on the website

If your website includes any forms that you want potential customers to fill out, you need to be confident that these are working properly. If they are not, you could be missing out on capturing valuable information. So go through the process of filling out all the forms on the website. Again, use various devices and browsers to check compatibility.

Suggested frequency: Quarterly

Make test purchases

If your website is used for sales, the purchasing function is crucial. If it stops working, or puts people off, you could lose significant revenue. Try making a few purchases to ensure the process works. If there’s anything that isn’t seamless, you’ll want to remedy it ASAP.

Suggested frequency: Monthly

Check for security updates

In the light of the numerous high-profile security breaches, securing your website has to be a major priority, especially those businesses who deal with private data (personal and financial). To this end, it is important to ensure that all your platforms, plug-ins, and scripts are up to date. Updates are usually aimed at improving security or fixing a vulnerability that has been identified.

Suggested frequency: Monthly

Back-up your site

This can be handled through a backup solution such as Codeguard or just by creating your own backup. It is unlikely that you will ever need to use a back-up but Murphy’s Law suggest that if you don’t do it regularly then something will probably go wrong.

Suggested frequency: Monthly

Review key metrics

Tools such as Google Analytics provide volumes of useful information as to how people find and use your website. Regularly checking your analytics gives you an indication as to how well your website is working. These tools are enormously helpful in finding ways to improve aspects such as SEO and site engagement.

Suggested frequency: Weekly

Website maintenance is crucial and can save you time, money, and a great deal of trouble.

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