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Online Compliance

The GDPR logo above someone using a laptop, with screenshots of the e-Book cover

Online compliance: not exactly a topic that rolls off the tongue is it?

But stick with us here, as we’re pretty sure it’s something you need to be thinking about.

Do you use Google Analytics on your website? Most people do these days, so there’s a good chance you are as well. That means you need to have a Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy available for your website users to view. If you don’t, then you may not be GDPR compliant and could end up getting hit with a hefty fine.

You’ll probably also have a contact form as well, which means you’re collecting personal data from people. You definitely need some policies in place that detail how you’re going to use that data.

There’s no need to panic though – the good news is that it’s actually very easy to get these crucial policies in place on your website. You don’t need to employ a team of lawyers or revamp your entire website (although you can if you want!).

Our 24 page Online Compliance e-Book has all the information you need on what documents you should be considering and why they are so indispensable to businesses and their customers. It’s jam-packed with useful guidance and helpful tips that will soon have you navigating this complex topic like a seasoned pro.

Download your copy today and you could soon learn all this:

  • the different types of cookies (and we don’t mean chocolate or ginger!)
  • why a Privacy Policy is so important
  • what a cookie banner is (are you getting hungry yet?)
  • who needs Terms & Conditions
  • and much more…