Don’t be a cookie monster this Halloween!

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Did you know that Halloween is one of our oldest traditions?

It’s been celebrated for over 2000 years, first originating from an ancient Celtic festival. If you’re going out trick-or-treating in the evening, it’s amazing to think that you’re following in the footsteps of hundreds of generations before you. Even back in Medieval times they used to dress up in costumes on Halloween and go door to door looking for treats in exchange for a song.

We’ve always loved Halloween – that one magical night just before Winter rolls in when witches and monsters stalk the darkness. In recent years however, there’s been a new monster appearing to wreak havoc – the Cookie Monster. To make matters worse it could be absolutely anyone – even you or those you know.

What is the Cookie Monster?

All websites these days use cookies.

We don’t mean the edible variety, although we’d love it if every website came with one of those! No, we mean the data files that the website stores on the computer that is being used to view it. Some of them are essential to the operation of the website, such as allowing people to login or retrieve saved orders. Others are analytical or tracking cookies, providing the website owner with a wealth of information about the type of businesses or consumers that are viewing the page.

If you have a website yourself then you are almost certainly using cookies on it. But did you know that any website that uses cookies has to let visitors know what they’re used for and how they can opt out of them? It’s called a Cookie Policy.

So where does the cookie monster come in? It’s simple really – if you don’t have a Cookie Policy in place that your visitors can look at then you yourself are a cookie monster!

What are the benefits of a Cookie Policy?

We like to use “The three C’s” to highlight just why a Cookie Policy is so important:

Compliance: First and foremost, if your website uses cookies then it is a legal requirement here in the UK to tell people what they do and why you are using them. If you don’t have a Cookie Policy then you’re not compliant with the law and could end up being fined.

Control: The people viewing your website will appreciate the fact that they’re in control. They can make an informed decision about which cookies they choose to accept and what sort of website experience they will have.

Confidence: The presence of a Cookie Policy will make the point that you are a reputable business owner who takes your responsibilities seriously. You’ll foster trust with your users and make it easier to nurture an equitable relationship with them.

Where can I find out more?

There’s so much more to staying compliant than this one blog post can tell. To get the full lowdown on this essential subject, why not download our FREE Online Compliance e-Book. As well as the all-important Cookie Policy, you’ll also learn about the value of a Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and so much more.

Don’t be a cookie monster: get compliant today

This Halloween, make sure you don’t turn into the Cookie Monster. Our website scanner can take a look at your website and let you know whether it’s compliant or not. If it isn’t then don’t worry, you can choose any of our three Online Compliance packages to do all the heavy lifting for you and fill in the missing gaps.

Happy Halloween from all of us at!