In our Working towards a greener future blog post we talked about the exciting achievements we had accomplished so far on our carbon neutral journey. Now that we’re further along on that journey we thought we’d share an update on… Continue Reading →

Cybersecurity: Why it matters for hosting services

Cybersecurity is not just a buzzword. It is a vital aspect of any online business, especially for those who use hosting services. Hosting services provide the infrastructure and resources for websites, applications, and data storage. They are also the target… Continue Reading →

Caching: what is it and why does it matter?

Take a look at your favourite website. Go on, bring it up – we’ll wait. Of course, we hope it’s our website, but any will do (you’ll be caching while you do it). Like most websites, your favourite one will probably… Continue Reading →

Claim an egg…citing 60% voucher this Easter!

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How to get found on Google – your FREE e-Book

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Why choose a domain name?

There is no better tool for promoting your British roots than a domain. It’s a fantastic way of highlighting the fact you’re based in the UK, offering greater value and focus to a UK audience. In fact, a survey… Continue Reading →

Time for a different New Year’s Resolution – New Year = New Password!

I’m sure there are many of you thinking about what New Years resolutions to make (and keep), hopefully it’s a list of positive changes and not just cutting out cake and chocolate (I love cake, that’s definitely not on my… Continue Reading →

Scam emails targeting domain name owners is constantly in touch with various registrars from around the world in order to keep up to date with issues affecting the industry. In our communications with them, we have been able to determine that many domain name owners… Continue Reading →