6 good reasons to create a business email address

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If you have your own business or are in the process of setting one up, you’ll undoubtedly be wanting to establish your brand as one which is professional and reliable. Alongside a business website with a custom URL to create that professional look, it’s vital that you don’t underestimate the importance of having a good business email address in an age where so much correspondence is conducted electronically.

Let’s look at a few reasons as to why having a business email address is essential to branding your business professionally:

1.           Anything else looks unprofessional

If you were looking to spend money with any company, would you rather put your trust in one with a proper business email address (that ideally links with the business name) or a freebie internet account such as ‘joebloggs@gmail.com’ ?

If you want your customers to value your brand, you need to demonstrate consistent professionalism.

2.           It may not even cost you anything to do!

If you are tempted to use a free email account due to costs, bear in mind that if you already have a website domain name, you could also use this to set up your email address at no additional cost.

3.           You can standardise your addresses

Another advantage of creating business email addresses is the control it gives you as your company grows. With a custom address, it’s easy to adopt a format such as firstname.surname@businessname.com which is consistent and simple to remember. It’s much better than having to take pot luck with whatever usernames may be available via free email accounts.

4.           It enables you to keep control

As a business owner, you should want to maintain control of all business-related emails. This isn’t possible if you allow staff to use their own personal or free internet-based email accounts. If they leave, you may no longer be able to access that account, or they could take valuable information (and clients!) with them.

By setting up a custom business email, you can simply redirect emails to a new staff member as necessary, or even set up generic addresses such as finance@businessname.com to be dealt with by the relevant people.

5.           There is no limit to the number of addresses you can create

Setting up custom business emails means that you can have as many consistently-branded addresses as you like. There is nothing to prevent you from having email accounts for sales, finance, and management etc. even if they are all just directing to your single inbox for now.

This gives the impression that your company is larger than it may actually be, allows you to separate different correspondence types and establishes addresses which can be passed on to appropriate staff members as your company grows.

6.           It helps you maximise brand awareness

You probably spent a long time coming up with the perfect name for your business. Why not get that name out there as much as you can by using it in your email addresses? Every opportunity you create for somebody to see your business name is an opportunity to attract new business. Don’t miss out on using your email address to help market your brand for you.

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