Google keeps changing, but with the latest Google Ads updates, the search giant is making it easier than ever to run successful PPC advertising campaigns that convert more cost-effectively. Here are some of the latest changes to Google Ads which you need to know about to help you get more from your PPC spend.

Display bidding: pay for conversions

Google Ads is giving advertisers more ways to make their ad spend more efficient by refining bidding types for advertisers on the display network so they can now choose to use the pay for conversions bidding strategy. This way, Google Ads can help advertisers succeed and encourage them to come back for more. This bid type will take your campaigns beyond PPC advertising because you’ll only spend when someone converts on your choice of action. If they bounce, you don’t pay. You’ll need to select Target CPA bidding type when adjusting your bids on the display network, with conversions as sub-type.

Optimisation improvements

Since AdWords became Google Ads, there is more to be learnt from the optimisation score suggestions. You’ll be getting a score from 0-100 based upon how well optimised your account is deemed to be. Google will look at bidding strategies, extensions, dynamic ads and other factors in your account to see if you are utilising all of the functionality on offer to make your ads work as well as possible.

Updated landing pages reports

The detailed landing pages report gives you data and insight on how the landing pages you choose perform for the keywords you’re targeting with your PPC advertising campaigns. Google has updated the metrics for these reports so now you can also find mobile speed score which is ranked from 1 for slow to 10 for extremely fast, and is based upon how speedily your page loads as well as potential conversion rate.

New responsive display ads

There are three new features for responsive display PPC advertising campaigns. Video assets is perhaps the biggest. Since 60% of online shoppers say that video has been important to making them want to purchase, Google has allowed advertisers to include 30 second video assets from YouTube in their ads to improve impressions and conversions.

The combinations reporting page updates mean that Google will adjust the combination of copy and images used in responsive and smart ads in order to get the best results. You can see all the data in the combinations reporting dashboard.

The new ad strength tool can help to optimise your headlines, descriptions and images, with Google giving you feedback on where you need improvements.

Call only ad text expansion

Call only ads are powerful ways to drive traffic, but previously there was very little space for text. Advertisers can now use two headlines and a description of up to 90 characters to create more compelling ads.

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