There are lots of things you can do to keep your website safe and protected, but one of the most important is backing up your website.

What is a website backup?

Important files and documents on our personal or work computers are backed up and your website should be no different. You should save a copy of your website files, so they can be recovered should there be any loss of data.

There are many things, both intentional or accidental, that can take down or destroy a website, so it’s highly recommended that you properly backup your files to keep your website safe and secure.

Why are website backups so important?

Having a recent backup of your website can help in many situations. We’ll look at the reasons why you should back up your website:

Safeguard against human error

It’s a fact that people make mistakes from time to time – accidents happen. Deleting an important file on your website could be the cause of your website breaking or taken down completely.

Just imagine that an important part of your website suddenly stops working – you have 2 options:

  1. Identify the issue and look for a way to resolve it
  2. Restore your websites most recent backup

Option 1 could be a quick fix, but it could also take a lot of time and resource, depending on how serious the problem is, and that’s only if the problem can be fixed.

Option 2 is a quick fix, meaning you could have your site up and running in no time, as it’s already backed up.

Reversing issues during updates

Updating your website so important, if you want it to always run smoothly. It’s not uncommon for an update to be released and notice that something’s gone wrong.

Instead of wasting time and resources (and perhaps even money) fixing issues on a live website, you’ll be able to revert to a recent version of your website – that easily.

Protection against hackers

Hackers do what they do for fun – they’ll corrupt your website just as a way of proving their ability. Threats can often be overlooked, but if your website does get hacked, there really is no way of recovering it without the security of a backed-up site. Despite our best efforts, hacker threats are still on the rise so by making sure your website has been recently backed up, acts like an insurance policy for your business and data.

Malware and viruses

Many people believe that malware and viruses only affect personal computers, stemming from an opened, untrusted email – a common misconception as they’re unaware that their own website could be infected.

Even if you’re aware of the importance of website security, attackers knowledge of techniques to hack a website is forever growing. SiteLock can help keep your website safe from these kind of threats too.

If an attacker was to infect your website, you can ensure you revert to a previous version and patch up any security loop-holes.


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