What is Mixed Content?

Mixed Content is the term used to describe a website that contains a mix of HTTPS (secure) and HTTP (insecure) content. It means that any SSL Certificate in place on the website will not be fully utilised and browser warning messages may be displayed to visitors.

In simple terms, in order to avoid any Mixed Content warnings, every single link on your website should begin with https:// rather than http://

The best way to check your links is to visit the website and then press the CTRL and U keys together (or Option, Command and U if you’re using a Mac). This will bring up the source code for the page of your website you are currently viewing. Any references in this to http:// will need to be updated to https:// in order to resolve the Mixed Content warning.

To easily find these references you could use your web browser’s Find function, which is usually accessed by pressing the CTRL and F keys together.

To update these references you will need to use an FTP client to download your website files, open them in a text editor such as Notepad, make the necessary changes to the links, and then use your FTP client to re-upload the files.

If you are unfamiliar with FTP then we would recommend not attempting this process yourself. We can help! More information about using FTP can be found in our Support Centre.

Note: Care needs to be taken if the link you are updating points to a third party website. It’s possible that there may not be an SSL certificate in place, in which case updating the link to https:// will stop it from working. We recommend first checking the link yourself using HTTPS to make sure it works, before updating it on your website.

If your website uses a Content Management System such as WordPress, then there may well be an option within there that will simplify part of this process for you. For example, a number of WordPress users handle this problem by installing and activating a plugin called Really Simple SSL. However, we do not recommend doing this unless you are an experienced WordPress administrator.

Want us to do it for you?

We can resolve Mixed Content problems ourselves as part of our Managed SSL service, available at an extra cost with all SSL Certificates purchased from us.

Please get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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