How to install WordPress manually

Let’s take a look at how to install WordPress manually on Apache hosting.

1. Download WordPress

Firstly you will need to download the latest version of WordPress from

download from

Once you have downloaded the zip file you will need to extract it on your computer. In the example below we have used WinRAR to extract the folder.

extract zip folder

2. Create your database

The next step is to create your database within your Control Panel. If you are unsure on how to do this, please use the following guide for assistance.

create your database

3. Upload WordPress files

You will now need to upload the WordPress files to your public /web folder via FTP. In our case we used Cyberduck, but you can also use a different FTP client of your choice.

In Cyberduck login via FTP. Navigate to your /web folder, and click Upload.

Click Upload in Cyberduck

Select the WordPress files that you extracted earlier on, and click Choose.

Choose all WordPress files

The WordPress files will then be uploaded to your /web folder.

Wordpress files in /web folder

4. Run the WordPress Installer

In a web browser simply navigate to your website. If your website address is and you have uploaded the WordPress files to your root /web folder, you simply need to enter in the address bar.

The first step will be to select your preferred language.

wordpress select language

Next you will be prompted to enter your database credentials. Just click ‘Let’s Go’ to proceed.

wordpress let's go

You will now need to enter your database credentials into the boxes below, and click Submit. These will be the details that you entered when you first created your database.

wordpress enter database credentials

Once WordPress has been able to successfully connect to your database, click Run the Installation.

Run the WordPress installer

On the next page you will need to enter the required information, and click Install WordPress. It may take a couple of minutes to complete the installation.

Complete the information

Your WordPress installation will now be complete, and you can use the button shown below to navigate to your WordPress login page.

Click to login
Login to WordPress

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