How to add your Social Media into Website Builder

If your business is active on Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter then you’ll want to promote those to your customers and make it easy for them to interact with you on those platforms.

Luckily, Website Builder has a Social Icons widget which allows you to place prominent social media icons on your website and link them to your various pages.

Click on the Widgets link within the Website Builder editor and look for the Social Icons widget. It’s usually located within the Social category, or you can use the search bar at the top to locate it.

Website Builder widgets

Drag it over to wherever you would like the icons to appear and you’ll see a pop-up window that allows you to customise them.

Tip: A good place to put the icons is the top right corner of the website, as they’ll be very prominent there and will easily be noticed by visitors to the website.

Website builder Social media widget

The first step is to select which social media icons you would like to be displayed. Click on whichever ones you would like to use so that they are highlighted with a red border around them.

Once you have chosen the icons to display you should then scroll down and you’ll be able to enter in the full URL to your business page. This is where people will be taken when they click on the relevant icon.

Entering the deatils for your social media into Website Builder

Finally, if you want to customise the icons even further then you can click on the Design tab at the top to access options such as changing their colour, adjusting the space between each one and changing the size.

Altering the design of the social media icons in Website Builder

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