Why should I upgrade my free Website Builder?

Website Builder

Why should you upgrade to a paid Website Builder?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having a website you’ve built yourself. It’s a huge sense of accomplishment, something you can rightly feel very proud of. And with the free drag-and-drop Website Builder included with every domain registration, it’s never been easier to get your dream online.

We know what you’re thinking – if I can have it for free, why bother upgrading to the paid version?

Let’s run through some of the advantages you could benefit from by upgrading. Added together, they remove all of the shackles from your website and help to ensure that you can grow it to its full potential.

More pages

This is the big one, and the main reason why most people upgrade. Your free Website Builder is limited to just one page, which can result in a lot of scrolling as you start to fill it out! Extra pages give you much more creative flexibility and provide your website with more room to breathe. For an added bonus, the top level Professional package even offers an unlimited number of pages!

SSL certificate

With a paid package, once you publish the website for the first time an SSL certificate is automatically installed. This will ensure that people only view the website over a secure connection, as well as avoid any Google penalties. On some types of hosting you have to pay extra for this, but with Website Builder it’s included by default.

More widgets

Widgets are the tools you can drag onto the website to offer particular features. Paid Website Builder includes far more of these. For example, you can set up a slideshow of your pictures, rather than displaying them all at once. Or you could include a map with a pin for your location. Perhaps you’d like a pop-up that appears when people visit the website, offering them a special offer or useful info? All of these and more are available to you when you upgrade, so the world really is your oyster!

Extra customisations

Imagine having an international website, with a language selector that people can use to choose which language they’d like to view it in. With a paid Website Builder package you can! You’ll also be able to hide particular sections of the website for mobile or desktop users, so you can offer a unique experience depending on which device is being used. Plus, you’ll also have access to website backups, so if you mistakenly update the wrong place you’ll easily be able to restore back to how it was before. How’s that for peace for mind?

Remove our branding

A one page website built using the free Website Builder will have one of our advertising banners in the footer. When you upgrade to a paid version this will automatically be removed.

So there you have it. Upgrading your Website Builder will give you far more creative control over your website. You’ll be able to bring your vision to life and create an eye-catching and stunning website that’s sure to pull in the crowds.